Geeks On Site Computer Repair Now Open 24/7

Computer repair company specializing in remote repair is now serving its customers around the clock.

Computer problems usually come without a warning, and when they do, you want your computer back up and running as fast as possible. Recognizing the urgency of getting your computer fixed fast, Geeks On Site, a computer repair company that has been in the industry since 2002, has now opened its toll free lines to serve customers 24/7. The company, which prides itself on providing great customer service, decided to take this significant step in order to meet the computer repair needs of its growing customer base.

"For years we've been open nearly around the clock, only closing for five hours at night. We're so excited about finally going 24/7," says George Otte, the president of Geeks On Site. Geeks On Site provides one-off computer repair, as well as on-going maintenance support services through a subscription plan, where customers get their computers looked after remotely for a low monthly fee. Geeks On Site is a pioneer in remote computer repair; a service that enables technicians to take hold of customers' computers from a remote location. Remote service has cut down the cost of getting your computer fixed significantly, although some problems still need an onsite visit. For those cases Geeks On Site has onsite technicians in all major metropolitan areas.

Geeks On Site was founded in South Florida in 2002. In addition to having technicians based out of over a hundred major U.S. cities, Geeks On Site has a head office in Miami, as well as a large back office in Lima, Peru, where George Otte is originally from. Geeks On Site decided to start serving its customers around the clock after the number of its monthly subscribers grew so large it became hard to fit in all the scheduled maintenance sessions within the old opening hours. Running its operations 24/7 has also helped the company's business division, since now Geeks On Site can work on businesses' computers during the night, therefore reducing downtime for businesses who rely on computers for their daily operations. The move has thus far been strategically beneficial for both the company and its customers, who now enjoy limitless flexibility in getting their computer troubles taken care of.