GAZE DESK: The Smartest Standing Desk Ever

GAZE DESK is the standing desk re-designed to enhance the standing routine experience. Many height adjustable standing desks have entered the market but studies have found that often users will cease their standing routines after a handful of sessions. Partnered with a companion application, GAZE DESK persuades users to keep up their healthy standing habits by tracking progress and providing motivation in the form of achievements.

The risks of prolonged sitting, which has become the norm for the average office worker, has been well documented. Prolonged sitting has been linked to increased risk of obesity, back pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even certain forms of cancer. Standing desks provide the solution and have been reported to also lead to more productive work environments due to an increase in alertness and more human-to-human communication.

GAZE DESK was designed to truly increase convenience in the standing desk experience.

JuYoun Lee, CEO

The GAZE DESK application maximizes these benefits by providing a standing program based on pre-determined calorie loss goals. Sensors attached to the desk detect whether someone is standing or sitting at the desk to increase precision of results. Achievements offer encouragement to the user in the form of badges and a social media function where progress can be shared with friends. Progress can be tracked on both a daily and monthly basis and is broken down by time duration and calorie loss.

GAZE DESK was designed to truly increase convenience in the standing desk experience. Equipped with a height memory function, standing and sitting positions can be pre-set thereby avoiding manual adjustment.  GAZE DESK’s two-tiered design allows the top desk to be used as a computer stand to maintain natural eye level to the screen and the height of both tiers can be adjusted independently using the intuitive rotary button control. These ergonomic features separate the GAZE DESK user experience from its competitors.

GAZE DESK is currently funding on Kickstarter


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