Gastric Sleeve Guide Launches to Support Medical Tourism in Tijuana, Mexico -

New guide for medical tourism in Mexico launches with aims of becoming a leading informational guide for patients seeking bariatric surgery in Mexico

A new guide for Mexico medical tourism launches to provide informational guides for those seeking to undergo weight-loss surgery in Mexico.​, a website that aims to be visited by thousands of visitors, launches today to provide a thorough guide for weight-loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. 

The website will list the best gastric sleeve surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, along with a complete medical tourism patient guide, allowing patients to easily navigate through the entire process. 

Gastric sleeve surgery is the leading weight-loss surgery, providing high expected weight loss and low surgical risks. Gastric sleeve surgery, otherwise known as vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is increasingly popular for those looking to conquer their obesity once and for all. Gastric sleeve surgery is a non-invasive, laparoscopic surgery with excellent results - making it an attractive procedure for medical tourism. 

The growth of individuals seeking to undergo weight-loss surgery in Mexico has risen significantly over the past few years. The primary interest of those looking to undergo affordable weight loss is to save money and bypass the long wait times found in places like the United States and Canada. 

About is property developed by a leading weight-loss surgery provider in Mexico, Renew Bariatrics. Gastric Sleeve Mexico will eventually be developed into a full-fledged site with a news section and additional information on weight-loss surgery in Mexico.



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