Fusemachines Launches Its First Fuse AI Center in Nepal

Fusemachines scales its mission to democratize artificial intelligence by launching the first Fuse AI Center in Kathmandu, Nepal

Fusemachines announces the launch of the first Fuse AI Center for training and research in Kathmandu (Nepal) to scale its mission of democratizing Artificial Intelligence. Building on to its successful global AI Fellowship program that started in 2017, Fusemachines will start offering classroom-based training in AI along with its proprietary fuse.ai online platform.

The proprietary curriculum includes courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. The practical and focused online curriculum developed by Columbia University faculty and AI industry experts is world class and very focused on getting engineers ready for the global AI job market. The students will have access to Ph.D.s from Fusemachines, an AI coding platform with free server credits, invitations to attend exclusive AI events and webinars, and high-quality tutoring from AI instructors.

Community is an important part of an engineer’s development and growth. The Fuse AI Center will also feature a student center to develop a vibrant community of AI engineers to come together, ideate, problem solve and create. “With this initiative, we are educating the masses on Artificial Intelligence and creating a large pool of AI talent for Nepal. We also hope the AI Center becomes a hub for the local AI community to foster and exchange ideas for growth of Nepal,” says Dr. Sameer Maskey, the CEO/Founder of Fusemachines.

The Fuse AI Center will start this year in Kathmandu, Nepal. Thereafter, Fusemachines aims to open many such AI centers in all provinces to make AI accessible to organizations and students and become a catalyst in the growth and development of Nepal. 

For additional information, please go to www.fuse.ai or contact Preeti Adhikary at Preeti@fusemachines.com.

Source: Fusemachines Inc.


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