Fusemachines Launches AI for Healthcare Practice Expanding on Its AI Talent Business to Break Down Innovation Barriers in Healthcare

Fusemachines, a leading global provider of artificial intelligence (AI) talent and education software and services announces the launching of its AI Practice for Healthcare.

​​Fusemachines Inc. announced today the launch of its AI for Healthcare Practice for its AI Talent business. Dedicated to propelling healthcare innovation forward, the practice brings together healthcare professionals, AI scientists, consultants, and software engineers to help hospitals and healthtech companies leverage data and AI in ways that impact patient care and operational efficiency.  

The launch of the practice coincides with a growing need for innovation in healthcare. “COVID-19 is shifting the paradigm of patient care delivery. Providers and hospitals have leveraged various tools including telehealth technologies to address challenges presented by the pandemic to engage, diagnose, and treat patients. We surveyed healthcare leaders responsible for patient care and innovation across the U.S., and 66% agreed that current technology does not sufficiently enable them to meet the full needs of their patients,” Ian Peebles, Fusemachines AI Healthcare Practice Lead, said.

Fusemachines has partnered with a number of healthtech companies and hospitals in the U.S. and is excited to build on its success bringing innovation to areas such as supply chain optimization, quality of care, medical research, operational excellence, and the development of AI-driven applications integrated across hospital ecosystems. 

In addition to addressing current needs in healthcare, the practice is dedicated to making AI solutions accessible to healthcare systems across the U.S. “Our mission to Democratize AI is what drives everything we do at Fusemachines. The pressures COVID-19 has placed on our healthcare system have exposed a need to be more adaptable, innovative, and prepared to address challenges as they come. We recognize that upgrading data infrastructure and developing AI systems can be expensive, time-intensive, and that competition for talent against big tech firms makes things difficult. Our practice is determined to address those barriers head-on,” Giovanni Lemus, Director of AI Services at Fusemachines, explained. 

Fusemachines is a leading AI talent and education software and services provider, founded by Sameer Maskey Ph.D., an AI expert who also teaches AI courses at Columbia University as an Adj. Assoc. Professor. With a presence in 4 countries (Nepal, the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic and more than 250 full-time employees) Fusemachines seeks to bring its global expertise in AI to break down innovation barriers in healthcare using AI and transform healthcare systems around the world. For more information please visit https://fusemachines.com/ai-healthcare

For press inquiries, please contact Giovanni Lemus for North America (giovanni@fusemachines.com), Onil Pereyra (onil@fusemachines.com) for Latin America, and Parag Shrestha (parag@fusemachines.com) for South Asia or pr@fusemachines.com (for other regions).

Source: Fusemachines Inc.