Fusemachines Initiates a Partnership Program to Expand Its AI Talent Business

Fusemachines Inc. announces Referral and Growth Partnerships to advance its AI-as-a-Service Business

Fusemachines Inc., a leading provider of bespoke AI solutions, software and educational services, announces the official launch of its Partnership Program, a sales-based initiative that allows individuals from outside organizations to advocate on behalf of the rapidly-growing AI provider.

“This exciting new program will enable Fusemachines to further scale our AI-as-a-Service model to additional industries, leveraging the rich networks of our partners. We are excited about exploring this new channel to accelerate our growth,” says Sameer Maskey, the CEO & Founder of Fusemachines Inc.

Program entrants are required to have deep exposure to the technology landscape and insights into organizations that will benefit from Fusemachines’ ability to offer customized artificial intelligence solutions, engineering support, and staffing along with educational training. As a participant, partners will receive the necessary collateral items and financial compensation for referrals in the form of revenue sharing. Interested applicants can reach the company
regarding the program via email at partners@fusemachines.com.

Fusemachines is a premier provider of AI talent to companies around the world. The company sources and trains AI professionals in developing countries and underserved neighborhoods using its proprietary learning and testing platform. Fusemachines connects these engineers to companies seeking AI resources. In addition, Fusemachines provides all the necessary AI
training and development tools to its clients to build and implement AI systems.

About Fusemachines Inc.

Fusemachines is an Artificial Intelligence solutions and services provider with a mission to “democratize AI,” making Big Data & Machine Learning capabilities and education available to companies of all sizes. The company was founded in 2013 by Sameer Maskey, an industry veteran and adjunct professor at Columbia University with over 20 years of experience in AI research and implementation. Fusemachines helps organizations identify opportunities where AI can be best utilized to transform and grow their business and has successfully provided its products and services to a variety of different industry verticals, including healthcare, HR & talent management, retail, food & beverage, and more. For a complete overview of the services that Fusemachines can provide, please visit www.fusemachines.com or contact Preeti Adhikary at preeti@fusemachines.com.

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