Fusemachines Expands AI Training for Corporations by Partnering With Fintech-Focused Financial Literacy Platform ViableEdu

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Fusemachines Inc., the leading enterprise AI talent solutions provider, today announced the continued expansion of the company's AI corporate training portfolio. The newest addition to the company's list of AI training partners includes ViableEdu.

ViableEdu will leverage Fusemachines' AI expertise to create a first-of-its-kind training offering for fintech professionals. The new partnership will empower the distinct audience group of financial services professionals to benefit from curated AI training opportunities. ViableEdu will use Fusemachines' AI learning platform Fuse AI to deliver the training.

"We are witnessing a growing demand for AI upskilling and training from business and education leaders alike to help curb the AI talent crisis," said Sameer Maskey, Founder and CEO, Fusemachines. "As an organization whose mission is rooted in democratizing AI, we are energized to find partners who share our vision to expand AI training opportunities. This is a critical step if we want to empower the workforce of tomorrow to unlock new AI-powered possibilities."

Speaking about the engagement, ViableEdu Co-Founder and Lead Instructor Chris White, said, "Financial technology is an evolving discipline and stands to benefit immensely from AI's myriad capabilities. Through our collaboration with Fusemachines, we are looking forward to nurturing the AI skills of financial technology professionals to further innovate in the field."

Fusemachines' AI training and upskilling programs are designed to help participants understand AI basics and foresee the technology's applications across industries. The company has successfully delivered AI training in several countries, including the United States, Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Nepal and Bangladesh. To learn more about Fusemachines' AI education offerings, please visit www.fuse.ai.

About Fusemachines Inc.
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in New York with operations across North and Latin America and Asia, Fusemachines is a provider of Enterprise AI talent solutions.

An early and active proponent of democratizing AI, we embody the idea that "talent is everywhere but opportunities are not." We, therefore, strive to make AI education and talent accessible globally. We do this by bringing high-quality, curated AI training programs to frontier markets and by empowering enterprises to unlock new AI-powered possibilities with the help of distributed AI teams.

Under the leadership of CEO Sameer Maskey, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, we have steadily helped large enterprises build AI teams, upskill their employees and advance their digital transformation agendas through our training and talent platforms. For more information, visit  www.fusemachines.com.

About ViableEdu
ViableEdu is a fintech-focused financial literacy platform aimed at democratizing financial education and professional development through live, synchronous teaching. ViableEdu employs subject matter experts across the fintech industry that cover capital markets, technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Source: Fusemachines Inc.