From MedCBDx, Golf's CBD for Pain Remedy is the Answer to Help Take the Edge Off Inflammation and Anxiety

MedCBDX, a leading online provider of CBD for pain products, has moved into a new vertical--- sports supplements and remedies. Using a newly patented process, their development team has produced CBD-oil-infused gum and dissolvable mints to help boost focus, help reduce inflammation, and help allay anxiety. Recognizing a lack of efficiently delivered, CBD-infused products, MedCBDx relies on oral absorption to avoid first pass metabolism through the intestines and liver. Highly bioavailable, their products boast an absorption rate up to 5x faster than pills or tablets.

Now, MedCBDx’s CBD product is gaining traction with professional sports, particularly professional golfers. In 2019, per ESPN, 50 tournament players partake in CBD consumption, and the gum is giving them an easy, discreet way to consume it. With its exponentially growing distribution and federal-wide deregulation of hemp cultivation and sale, professional athletes are starting to seek out convenient methods to take and effectively use CBD.  

For players emerging in Golf, many of them, including a few well-known professionals, exalt the benefits of mastication and how chewing gum has generally been linked to an increase in concentration levels and certain responses in the prefrontal cortex. Now, when combined with a compound such as CBD, gum has the potential to become a powerful remedy tool in a sport that requires both peak mental and physical condition.

World Anti-Doping Association Vice President Executive Andy Levison of the PGA Tour says the regulation of CBD, and its status as a performance enhancer or recreational drug is tenuous and that none of these CBD sports products have the NSF certified emblem (which is not required) for quality, potency and purity. While official regulation hangs in a gray area, MedCBDx’s CBD gum and mints have a certified ND (not detected) level of THC from an accredited testing lab, are GMP Compliant and Kosher Pareve.

Their CBD Hemp oil gum and lozenge mints can be enjoyed by any golfer, from extreme amateur to professional. All their CBD products contain zero THC levels. Readers interested in obtaining CBD-oil-infused healthy chewing gum can visit MedCBDx here for more information.

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