Per Os Biosciences, Manufacturer of MedCBDX CBD Products, is Helping Businesses Grow via Its CBD Contract Manufacturing Services

Brand owners are finding it easy to expand their product line with Per Os Biosciences' innovative and high-quality CBD products


Per Os Biosciences, manufacturer of MedCBDX functional CBD products, is providing businesses with new ways to expand their product lines and tap into the highly popular CBD market. 

Brand owners who partner with Per Os Biosciences get access to white label and private label CBD products, with customizable options to fit their brand. It's an exciting opportunity to increase revenue and promote operational growth—plus a chance to better serve customers with safe and effective CBD products that are made utilizing Per Os Biosciences' multi-patented manufacturing processes. 

Businesses pursuing expansion into the CBD market can request original white label or private label products from Per Os Biosciences, including products made with cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) or Delta-8. Custom formula CBD products can also be developed that provide brand owners with product exclusivity by incorporating a wide selection of functional active ingredients. The result is one-of-a-kind CBD products targeted to a brand owner's audience and backed by Per Os Biosciences' years of experience developing and manufacturing high-quality products for the CBD industry. 

Because no business should ever put their name on a product they don't trust, Per Os Biosciences performs product testing at accredited labs. Brand owners have input into the product development process as well, after which they will receive a finished product that's expertly packaged and ready to hit the shelves. 

Investing in branded CBD products is an excellent way to meet the demands of an ever-growing market, providing consumers with the functional health products they are most interested in. With white label and private label services from Per Os Biosciences, businesses need not worry about quality or efficacy in newly created products. Instead, they receive top-rated products with minimal work and stress, leaving plenty of time for marketing, sales, distribution and other essential tasks of supplying the market with high-quality products. 

There has never been a better time to grow a business with branded CBD products. For more information, explore MedCBDX products and discover what sets these innovative products apart. 

About Per Os Biosciences

Per Os Biosciences is a leader in wholesale healthcare products, including dietary supplements, functional chewing gum, medical confectionery, and white label CBD products. Both MedCBDX and Per Os Biosciences help consumers discover new ways to enjoy CBD, with products that provide higher rates of absorption and bioavailability. And with innovations always in the mix, Per Os Biosciences aims to continue impacting the CBD market in positive ways for years to come. 

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