MedCBDX's CBD Patent Shows Why They Are Not Your Average CBD Chewing Gum Company

MedCBDX offers unique CBD products with delivery methods that work more rapidly than most oral CBD oil supplements


MedCBDX, a CBD-ceutical company that believes in providing consumers with access to safe CBD products online, has an exclusive CBD patent that ensures MedCBDX is the only U.S. manufacturer able to execute the infusion necessary to create high quality CBD chewing gum products, and add other functional active ingredients like caffeine or Vitamin C.

Owned by Per Os Biosciences, a market leader in niche healthcare solutions, MedCBDX's specialized goal is to simplify online purchasing to provide consumers with innovative CBD products. The company has made waves with its recent CBD gum patent, which flaunts a superior absorption rate to competitors in the CBD consumables market.

According to the MedCBDX team, the CBD patent's functional value lies in the unique manufacturing process by creating and incorporating active powder or oil-based ingredients to CBD to make their products. As a result, the company's chewing gum can deliver CBD oil up to five times more rapidly than a pill or capsule, with higher bioavailability. This is thought to be helpful for those who experience discomfort when swallowing pills and are looking for an alternate way to experience the effects of CBD.

In addition, MedCBDX also offers CBD mints when pills are undesired, which dissolve within five to seven minutes when placed under the tongue in the mouth. Most importantly, these mints offer the same set of CBD benefits as the patented chewing gum that consumers desire.

While CBD applications are numerous, the most notable benefits encompass joint pain relief, protection against cognitive decline, and alleviation for conditions such as anxiety, sleeplessness, and PTSD.

The team at MedCBDX takes pride in their CBD gum patent, and are dedicated to providing top quality products to their customers. The company also encourages customers to always do their own research about the CBD landscape to understand how it can fill their natural relief needs.

About MedCBDX

MedCBDX utilizes innovation to effectively provide CBD products online. Thanks to its CBD patent, MedCBDX is the only manufacturer in the United States with the ability to infuse CBD oil into chewing gum. The company also manufacturers mints, and offers businesses premium white labeling of both CBD mints and chewing gum.

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