Frocket Helps Keep Company Earth Day Shirts Out of Landfills

Not All Textile Waste Comes from Fast Fashion

Frocket is a new SAAS (software as a service) that helps companies and organizations easily collect shirt sizes for their employees, team members and teammates. You would think that gathering this size data would be easy, but it is time-consuming and wasteful. Frocket is designed to eliminate the guesswork that comes from ordering shirt sizes, which often leads to unnecessary corporate textile waste.

In a few days, individuals and companies alike will celebrate Earth Day. Employees will be wearing corporate-branded shirts trumpeting corporate Earth Day causes from cleaning river banks to tidying up local parks and communities. Sadly, many of these well-intentioned shirts will end up in a landfill, simply because the size guesstimate was wrong, further compounded by ordering an additional 10%-15% "just to be sure" shirts in each size. If a company opts for apparel in both men's and women's sizes, the resulting overage can reach 25%. Certainly, this is not Earth-friendly.

Frocket is easy to use. Simply create an event and upload your email list. An email or text is automatically sent to those on your list, along with applicable sizes, images of the apparel and cut-off date to order. Gentle reminders are sent ONLY to those who did not answer the initial request. After the cut-off date, Frocket AI fills in any missing size data.

Imagine the added cost of ordering 15-25 additional polo shirts for a golf outing or keeping track of 800 employee email responses. Frocket provides a solution that helps companies, schools, fraternities and teams know exactly how many of each size they need — no more guesstimating. Frocket makes collecting sizes a breeze and keeps track of men's, women's and kids' sizes, with no more having to say, "Sorry, we're out of your size." 

Robert Weinberg, an entrepreneur and the inspiration behind Frocket, has attended corporate golf outings over the last 20 years and encountered a common occurrence. 

"Invariably at the event check-in, they never had shirts in my size remaining. It's not that my size is obscure; I'm a large. While the event organizer certainly knew there would be 72 or 100 players, they were randomly guessing how many of each size to order. If my size was not available, this meant that there would be one 'unwanted' size in the mix. What if I was one of their best customers? Wouldn't they want to make sure everyone gets the size they need? How did they handle women's sizes? Was it just a smaller men's size?" 

After 25 years in the promotional products industry, Weinberg knew that there had to be a better way. He teamed up with the lead software developers who successfully exited to Amazon. Frocket launched at the Promotional Products (PPAI) show in Las Vegas in January 2024. Frocket helps large companies, small organizations, and schools save time and money while limiting textile waste.

Source: Frocket LLC