Frocket Tackles the Thankless Task of Collecting Team and Group Shirt Sizes

Frocket, a new SAAS (software as a solution) company, aims to eliminate the headache of shirt size collection. Thousands of times per day, someone has the thankless task of collecting shirt sizes. For proof of this, one just needs to take a look into their own closet to see the polos, pullovers and t-shirts adorned with embroidered company logos or cause-related graphics Someone within your team or group had to tackle the gathering of all the sizes. That person could be your company's administrative assistant, your son's hockey coach, the church secretary, or the school's class president. 

The de facto manner of gathering sizes has been to email your team or group and inquire. The task gets infinitely more challenging with the number of participants, size choices, apparel colors, and apparel size type (men's, women's and youth). Then there is taking that size information and organizing it into a spreadsheet. It's a time-consuming endeavor, made more frustrating when participants don't always respond to your size request.

Frocket is a web-based solution that allows users to easily collect shirt sizes from an unlimited number of participants. With Frocket, users can create and send customized emails to their teams, track responses, and quickly generate a master spreadsheet of all the shirt sizes needed. If your participants answer the email request, they are never bothered again. If they are a bit recalcitrant in selecting their shirt size, Frocket will send a gentle email reminder.

By way of example, you may have "been volunteered" to collect shirt sizes for your child's elementary school. Each class year gets a different color shirt (six colors). t-shirt sizes range from youth small through adult 3X (ten size variables) and there is a choice of short or long sleeve (two variables). The example above offers a total of 120 choices. Multiply that by the number of participants, all the students, parents, teachers and administrators, and one can see that this is no easy task, with potentially tens of thousands of data to collect. 

Frocket takes minutes to create your event and set a response deadline. Frocket keeps track of shirt sizes, shirt colors and sizing type, saving time and frustration. 

Source: Frocket LLC