Corporate Golf Outings Rely on Frocket to Provide Accurate Apparel Sizes for Their Invited Guests

The Frocket Web-Based Solution Easily Collects All Apparel Sizes, Including Men's, Men's Tall and Women's Sizes

Women's Polo

The Masters Tournament is just a memory and the PGA Championship, the second of the four majors, begins today. Warm weather and corporate golf outings go hand in hand this time of year. Depending on the budget, these events can be a simple outing or an elaborate, day-long event. One convention of all corporate golf tournaments is the check-in table. Company reps, typically armed with clipboards and printed pages of invited guest names, hand out swag bags and a starting hole assignment. They will also ask for the guest's shirt size and hope that they have that particular size remaining from the stock of pre-ordered shirts. Now imagine that this guest is your company's largest customer, or your charity's largest benefactor, whose CEO just happens to be a woman. Were any women's-sized shirts ordered? Chances are no. Most companies just make a guesstimate of apparel sizes, usually foregoing women's sizes for the expediency of ordering mostly large or XL men's sizes. 

Frocket is a new, web-based solution that allows users to easily collect apparel sizes from an unlimited number of guests, including both men's, men's tall and women's sizes. With Frocket, users can create and send customized emails to their guests, track responses, and quickly generate a master spreadsheet of all the shirt sizes needed. Frocket will even inform your guests if the intended polo fits big or small. If your guests answer the initial email request, they are never emailed again. If they are a bit recalcitrant in selecting their apparel size, Frocket will send a gentle email reminder, up until the pre-selected cut-off date for reply. The spreadsheet can be automatically sent to their apparel vendor of choice so that your corporate or event logo can be embroidered on the apparel. 

Frocket saves both time and money. It literally takes just minutes to set up your event in Frocket and then upload your list of invited guests' names. With some apparel brands costing well over $100 for a polo, all of those extra, unwanted sizes really add to the cost of the event, not to mention the added textile waste generated from those unwanted sizes. The Frocket solution also provides a seamless check-in tool, meaning no more paper lists, highlighters and clipboards. Frocket can even be used to ascertain the guests' lunch preference, whether it be turkey, roast beef or vegetarian. 

Frocket charges just 20 cents, or less, per guest, with no subscription fee. For a standard 72-person golf outing, that comes down to a cost of just $14.40, certainly a fraction of the cost of those unwanted sizes of embroidered company polos.

Source: Frocket LLC