Freway is an Economical and Eco-Friendly Way for All Cyclists

Freway is introducing their newest electric bike named Buffalo via the 'Freway Buffalo: The most affordable electric bike' project on Indiegogo. The team is running this crowdfunding campaign to bring an economical and eco-friendly electric bike product to the market.

​​Freway, a famous team in the bike industry, has just launched a second crowdfunding campaign on their newest electric bike – Buffalo via a project on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $50,000 which needs to raised to bring an economical and eco-friendly bike product to the market. The price for one Buffalo eBike is only $999. Buffalo is an electric bike which designed to provide the cyclists with pedal-assist and to encourage people to ride more often to contribute to making a greener world.

  • Countless finalization and tests

Owning to the feedback from the backers of last campaign and the customers from Amazon, Freway has managed to build their first Buffalo electric bike in May , 2016. In order to run a better campaign this time. The team members of Freway is treating the feedback very seriously. They put a lot of time into testing and finalizing the prototype, one detail from another according to the information provided by the backers and customers until they are confident that the final version of Buffalo is qualified enough to be put into the market.

  • A great bike with e-benefit and great components

The Buffalo is a 19 inch electric bike that provides power assists when the rider starts pedaling.

The FVS (Freway Vigor System) of their own invention helps to better convert the energy that is transmitted from the battery and reduce the loss, which is very good for the environment. To greatly improve the mileage of the electric bike, the Buffalo is equipped with a Panasonic 11 Amp battery. The riders should be spending time to enjoy during a ride, not fighting gravity. So they chose the Bafang 550watts rear motor for the Buffalo electric bike. The riders can beat the uphill without breaking a sweat.

It has four levels of pedal assist for the rider to choose. Riders can choose freely by using the two buttons on the OLED control ring of the handlebar. It’s a great and cool option for the city commuters, especially when it has the look of a mountain bike.

Buffalo even has a cruise button on the handlebar. When most of the electric bikes chose the throttle to implement the cruise function, the technician chose a button instead. The reason for this choice is because when a cyclist is using the throttle to cruise along the road, they tend to have trouble controlling the bike. So for the public safety and the safety of the cyclists, they chose a cruise button instead.

In addition, the components of the Buffalo are great. When riding on a bumpy road, the Suntour front suspension helps absorb the vibration, the SR Saddle lets the rider sit comfortably and the Kenda tires keeps the rider steady. The Shimano M310 8 speed rear derailleur allows the rider to ride the Buffalo like a regular bike when they decide to get some excercise.

  • Affordable Price  Only $999 per bike during the campaign.

It would be a pity if a cycling enthusiastic person missed such a great bike. The price for buying a bike with all those great features is only $999, which is less than half of the price for a similar bike in the market. So get one now before missing out on a good deal.

To learn about the crowdfunding please click here.

Source: Freway

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