Freway Buffalo - a Bike With E-Benefit

​​​​Freway, the team that raised a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign last year, will be introducing their latest electric bike product —Buffalo, via a project on Indiegogo at the end of this month.

“Singletrack or street, I kept smiling as long as the wheels kept turning, “ said by Turbo Bob, a bicycle product reviewer who recently did a review on Buffalo.

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  • Countless tests and finalization

The first fully functional Freway Buffalo prototype was out in May this year. In order to go further with their new Freway Buffalo eBike, Freway has received some constructive feedback from the backers from last crowdfunding project last year. Since they are treating the feedback very seriously and want a bigger project on Buffalo this time, they put a great deal of time into testing and finalizing the prototype, from the battery to the motor, from the control system to the drive system, until the final version of Buffalo has met their standards before they put it on the market.

  • 550Watts Bafang High-Speed Motor

After reviewing the feedback from the backers and conducting market research in Northern America, Freway has chosen the 550 watts Bafang High-Speed motor for the Buffalo electric bike. It provides the riders with enough power. The kick in from the motor feels strong and manageable rather than a sudden surge. There’s three levels of power assist and it can be switched by pressing on the button on the OLED ring of the handlebar. It will stop providing power assist once the bike hits the legal speed limit of 25mph.​

  • Powerful Panasonic Battery

​Learning from the experience of previous crowdfunding project, Freway team chose a bigger amp battery this time — Panasonic 11 amp battery. It can be fully recharged in 6 hours and can easily cover around 50 miles. This coverage can surely satisfy peoples’ needs for short trips. There’s also a USB 2.0 output port on the bottom of the battery. When resting casually, the riders can always remove the battery and charge their electronic devices whenever they want.

  • FVS Gen 2 – Drive System of Buffalo

The FVS Gen 2 — Freway Vigor System 2nd Generation is consist of the OLED control Ring, the powerful Panasonic battery and the Bafang rear motor. With a decade of sophisticated experience on battery technology, Buffalo will have a much better power conversion system that saves up to 30% of the battery lost during the power conversion process. It’s extends the life of battery. Unlike similar products, a great deal amount of battery power is lost due to power conversion and the Freway team managed to reduce that loss.

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Source: Freway

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