Former Record Executive Turned Recruiter Launches Career Platform Today changes the job search paradigm to help prepare and prescreen candidates for vetted recruiting professionals.

LT Ladino Bryson

From developing and marketing projects for multi-platinum artists such as Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Usher, Notorious B.I.G., to Wu-Tang Clan, LT Ladino Bryson is used to help people make the best presentation of themselves. So it was not hard to transition into an executive recruiter where she enjoys providing candidates with sound advice, tools to stretch their talents and identify hidden skills.

Ladino Bryson created, a private subscription platform for candidates who are seeking an alternative way to be discovered by hiring professionals. Whether a candidate is searching for a new career or needs assistance preparing for reentering the workforce, helps flip the hiring process; putting more onus on identifying one's goals as opposed to combing through job posts. The CEO and Founder continued, "as a recruiter, I've placed over 600 candidates in a short period and spent nine months talking with over 3,000 candidates to understand where other job boards have failed prior to developing"

Her findings were simple. First, passive candidates (those who are not actively looking) were tired of recruiters calling them at work; they felt it was too intrusive and disrespectful to their current employers. Second, candidates felt their resume submissions were stuck in online filters which hindered their chances of being discovered by employers. And lastly, candidates hated the multiple application submission process. listened and created a subscription-based platform that answers all of these concerns. completely rids the candidate application submission process. Candidates simply register, create an extensive profile and answer interview and culture fit questionnaires. They will see this career platform as a refreshing alternative to traditional online job search activities. also allows candidates to include references powered by SkillSurvey® and background checks powered by Checkr®. These and other tools provide vital information to recruiters prior to screening the candidate.

A Special Introduction for Candidates is offering people searching for a job a special promotion. By signing up by December 31, 2019, they will receive an additional 30 days free. General labor to C-Suite candidates will have the rest of 2019 (the next six weeks to eight weeks) to take advantage of the online Boot Camp. They will create a personal vision and purpose statement, learn how to use social media and network and prepare for a career change starting January 2020, when the full career platform is slated to launch. That's when independent and small recruiting business owners will benefit by connecting with prescreened candidates who are serious about transitioning or are actively looking. The Boot Camp provides resume review, mock interview, monthly subscription, and 45-minute counseling session with the platform's vCounselor within its $99 sign up package. This is a great value as a one-hour career coaching session routinely costs minimally $200.

As an added value our ongoing subscribers will have access to vUniversity, the platform's online learning center. Both recruiters and candidates will be introduced to a curated group of mentors where they can explore ongoing learning topics and even get suggestions to resources around key interest areas. Designed to continually evolve and grow, our vUniversity platform is the only solution that provides this ongoing development opportunity for all their subscribers. "Our goal is to expedite the process, and we have added enterprise solutions that will support independent recruiters to be more competitive in presenting qualified candidates to employers," Ladino Bryson boasts.



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