Food Shortages and COVID: Marvell Foods Participates in the Fight Against Food Insecurity

Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods, one of the nation's leading food brokers and food traders is now also a proud, prominent, and significant participant as a subcontractor/supplier for proteins and dairy products in the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program [FFFB]. Marvell Foods has facilitated the distribution of nearly 15 million pounds of food since participating in the FFFB, Round 3, that commenced September 2020. 

The mission of the FFFB is to combat the nation's food shortage and ensure that fewer Americans go hungry. The devastating impact of food shortages and COVID have left many Americans without access to the food they need to feed their families.

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Marilyn Raybin, President of Marvell Foods, says: "Marvell Foods has been working since last August with many of the USDA awardees who have won bids from the USDA to supply food to distributors who in turn supply food to the food banks, we are proud to play a significant role in helping to not only keep manufacturing plants and suppliers busy and factories working during the stresses of Covid and many worker layoffs, while at the same time, also serving as a source to supply food to American's in need, who are suffering from food insecurity, across the country."

As a major subcontractor and distributor of proteins and food products to the USDA commodities distribution program, Marvell Foods is a multi-generational, woman-owned business with operations across the country. Marvell Foods quickly jumped into action, vigorously joining the effort to address the growing challenges of Food Insecurity across the nation by supplying food distributors with the products they need to fill the gaps facing food banks. In America, the number of people facing food insecurity in 2020 was estimated to rise above 50 million, including 17 million children. The USDA program had delivered more than 132 million food boxes in support of American families.

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About Marvell Foods

Florida-based Marvell Foods is one of North America's leading trading companies, specializing in brokering out of date, discontinued, unsold, and overstock food items, as well as products from other industries. With a global network of potential buyers, Marvell helps businesses sell products that might otherwise have been wasted or sent to storage, with creative options for turning a profit on excess and unsaleable inventory. The company supplies foods and food products to the Federal and State Prison System, food banks, commissaries, co-packers, distributors, churches, ministries, and school food programs. Marvell Foods has offices coast to coast; their business also includes pet food ingredient sourcing as well as import and export internationally. 

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