The Nation's Leading Closeout Food Buyers, Marvell Foods, Offers Cold Storage Operators Quick Cash for Frozen Grocery Liquidation

A leading national food broker offers cold storage operators and owners financial solutions to move inventory, clear warehouse shelving space, and make quick cash on unsellable products.

Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods, one of the nation's leading closeout food buyers, brokers, and liquidators, facilitates the country's supply chain logistics, aiding owners of cold storage facilities to move and sell overstocked, damaged, or otherwise unsellable products. When dormant goods occupy income-producing shelf space, and when owners are stuck with goods from unpaid invoices, that represents lost income to warehouse owners. Marvell Foods, the nation's leading specialist in buying and selling surplus, salvage, and excess inventory, provides financial relief to offload these non-income-producing goods while making room for new merchandise while generating much-needed cash. 



With a dramatic cost in post-COVID warehousing and transportation services, Marvell assists owners of cold storage depots facilitating the liquidation of potentially valuable (food) assets using Marvell Foods' unique market access to alternative markets developed during three decades in the food industry. Warehousers no longer need to absorb the cost of discontinued, unpopular, damaged, or expired food. Marvell Foods has a national network of buyers for these products that are often perfectly sellable in secondary markets. 

"Frozen food inventory, either in a cold storage warehouse or in a manufacturer or retailers warehouse, represents a significant market opportunity," says Marilyn Raybin, President of Marvell Foods. Raybin, "Frozen food items have a remarkably long lifespan, provided the correct packaging and storage, manufacturers and retailers are sitting with a depreciating food asset costing them space and labor on perfectly wholesome goods they can offer at discount prices, generating additional revenue."  



In addition to providing services to cold storage facilities, Marvell Foods continues its work with the USDA working with manufacturers to produce food for American consumers. During the pandemic, Marvell Foods played a significant role in the country, helping food manufacturers keep their "lines" running, employees working, and aiding millions of American families suffering from food insecurity. 


About Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods is a third-generation, family-owned food trading and food brokerage company. One of North America's leading trading companies, the company buys, sells, and trades a wide assortment of food products on behalf of some of the country's largest companies, including big box retailers, independent operators, and discount retailers, among other companies. Marvell Foods specializes in buying, selling, brokering seconds, surplus, salvage, excess inventory, spot and opportunity buys, out-of-date, discontinued, unsold, and overstock food products. The company supplies food products to the federal and state prison systems, food banks, commissaries, churches, ministries, and school food programs.

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As a third-generation, family-run company, Marvell Foods has built unparalleled relationships and networks across a wide range of product categories with companies and suppliers from around the United States.

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