As Food Insecure Americans Seek 'Price Relief' in Salvage and Discount Food Stores, Marvell Foods Helps Grocers Keep Shelves Stocked With Price-Friendly Goods

Marvell Foods

In times of rising food prices and unrelenting food insecurity facing American families, food manufacturers, processors, suppliers, distributors, and retailers look for ways to combat rising costs while offering a wide range of desirable and affordable food products for consumers. Marvell Foods, the nation's leading food broker, trader, and buyer, works with these various stakeholders to supply products in the Secondary Food Market to keep shelves stocked and customers happy. 


Buying and selling secondary food items such as "Short Dated" or "Close-Coded" ingredients and including them in production or retail for consumers is an excellent way to reduce costs and increase profit margins for food producers while appealing to consumers anxious to reduce their household food costs.

"Short-Dated" food, also called "Close-Coded" food, represents a tremendous opportunity for food manufacturers, suppliers, co-packers, and distributors to save money while allowing consumers to purchase perfectly wholesome food at significantly discounted/reduced prices. 

Salvage grocery stores offer substantial cost reductions on grocery staples by selling food that can't be shelved in traditional grocery stores. Examples of the types of foods you'll find in a salvage or discount grocery store include:

• Items near or past their "best by" or expiration date

• Items with packaging defects or whose packaging has changed

• Overstock items

• Outdated seasonal items

• Items that have been discontinued

• Certain salvage items


The USDA oversees salvage grocery stores just like traditional grocery stores. This means consumers are assured of the same level of food safety as any top-tier supermarket.

There are advantages to manufacturers and retailers to using a secondary market food broker. For example, here are some things to consider: 

• Clearing slow or no-moving inventory that is occupying expensive storage space

• Recouping investment on goods that might have to be destroyed - eliminates labor to move and dispose of food items

• Improve bottom while rotating inventory, earning fast cash on stagnant goods. 

• Draw customers, and improve store traffic with discounted food items. 

Marvell Foods is an excellent resource for ensuring that stores are stocked with safe-to-sell and consume products at discounted, consumer-friendly prices. Buying and selling secondary food products accomplishes many business goals while meeting the most pressing consumer demands concerning pricing, food insecurity, and instability.


A family-owned, multi-generational business with over thirty years in the food industry, with offices coast to coast, Marvell Foods maintains an extensive network of buyers and sellers of a wide array of food products in the secondary food market across the country that allows stores to stock deeply discounted food products to meet the growing demand of American Families suffering from food insecurity. 

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