Food Manufacturers and Food Insecure American Families Buoyed by Marvell Foods' Supply of Food Through USDA

During the Pandemic, Marvell Foods has played a significant role in the country, helping food manufacturers keep their "lines" running, employees working, and aiding millions of American families suffering from food insecurity.


As one of the nation's top food brokers, Marvell Foods has spent years working with food producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. During the pandemic, Marvell Foods played a pivotal role as traditional food supply chain operations were decimated. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers all had to act quickly to learn how to operate during the coronavirus crisis. Marvell Foods served as a bridge between these different constituencies.

Many businesses adopted a more substantial reliance on short-dated food wholesalers and other types of food broker services to fill demand. On the consumer side, leading companies like Marvell Foods, a third-generation, woman-owned organization, have partnered with important initiatives like the USDA Food Program to help maintain a steady food supply for families, food banks, ministries, and others.

Having facilitated the sale of more than 20 million pounds of food since August of 2020, in support of the Farmers To Families Food Box Program, Marvell Foods is proud to continue doing its part to help the nation's food manufacturers and consumers. Other areas where Marvell Foods offers unique and expert support include help with insurance claims and the sale of closeout food, expired food, and excess inventory or food stock.

About Marvell Foods

Marvell Foods is a third-generation, family-owned food trading, food brokerage company. With more than thirty years of experience and an unparalleled network of clients domestically and internationally, Marvell Foods is also a SAM Certified Government Vendor (USDA & Other Federal Entities) Supplier. One of North America's leading trading companies, the company buys, sells, and trades a wide assortment of food products on behalf of some of the country's largest companies, including Big Box Retailers, Independent Operators, and Discount Retailers, among a host of other companies. Marvell Foods specializes in brokering out of date, discontinued, unsold, and overstock food items, as well as products from different industries. In addition, the company supplies foods and food products to the Federal and State Prison System, Food Banks, Commissaries, Churches, Ministeries, and School Food Programs.  


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As a third-generation, family-run company, Marvell Foods has built unparalleled relationships and networks across a wide range of product categories with companies and suppliers from around the United States.

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