Flybar, the Original Pogo Stick Company, Announces Acquisition of SWURFER, the Original Award-Winning Swingboard

 Flybar, Inc, “The Original Pogo Stick Company,”  the fast growing sporting toys company  - today announced the acquisition of Swurfer, the original  swingboard. The acquisition of the intellectual property, brand and assets strengthens and expands Flybar’s position in the Outdoor and Sports Toys category – currently one of the largest and fastest growing US toy categories.  

A Swurfer board is engineered for surfing the air. Swurfer reinvented the tree swing combining the best of swings and board sports. Quality build and breathtaking outdoor fun have been the simple recipe for Swurfer’s success. National TV features and toy industry awards soon followed.

“Flybar is committed to innovative outdoor fun. With the Swurfer acquisition we are once again delivering on that commitment. We have been passionate about the swing category but we would only jump in with an innovative product line. We were fortunate to meet the Swurfer team and acquire that innovation, fun and following of the Swurfer brand,” said Stalyn Freile, Director of Marketing, Flybar, Inc. 

“The Swurfer acquisition is a strategic expansion firmly placing us in the Swing Category,” said Saul Wolhendler, Flybar, Inc President and CEO. “Co-leveraging the Flybar and Swurfer branding will enhance our customer base. Both brands are strengthened and we look forward to future development,” he added. The announcement marks Flybar’s first acquisition under new management established in 2015.  

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About Flybar, Inc

In 1918, toy inventor George B. Hansburg introduced America to the pogo stick and opened the original pogo stick company. In the early 1920’s Hansburg brought his pogo stick to his friend, Florenz Ziegfeld of the world-famous Ziegfeld Follies. Ziegfeld, the eminent Broadway impresario of the day, immediately choreographed a pogo routine into his show. The Follies made pogo sticking the latest craze. Hansburg made the pogo stick his passion and continued innovating pogos. To revitalize the pogo craze, Hansburg set out to reinvent the quality, durability and fun of the pogo stick. His 1957 Patent for the “MASTER” pogo stick, shows the now iconic curved handle and dual supporting bars. In the late 50’s and early 60’s, Hansburg did indeed recreate that pogo craze with the “MASTER” pogo stick.


Hansburg’s original pogo stick company, changed hands in the 70’s but its new owner was equally committed and passionate about pogo sticks. They persistently tried to improve on the basic pogo stick. It was this quest, for a pogo that could elevate riders to new heights, that ultimately lead to the development of the Flybar in 2000. The Flybar used patented technology of Elastomeric Thrusters. These thick natural rubber thruster bars could be selectively engaged to create the right bounce based on weight and ability. The Flybar created a comfortable BIG bounce that replicated the feel of a trampoline. But, what the Flybar really created was the extreme pogo sport, and pogoing never looked quite the same again.


We are still passionate about pogos after 99 years, and are proud that Flybar pogos are “the standard by which all pogos are measured.” From innovating the extreme pogo, introducing pogo interactivity, to continuously supporting pogo sports and pogo health all around the globe, Flybar continues to be the world’s leading pogo stick company. But Flybar today is not just pogos. New products for toddlers, stilts, gear, and skateboards are all designed and developed with the passion and innovation George Hansburg first demonstrated nearly 100 years ago. 

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