Flood Risk America Proposes FEMA to Pay Property Owners Before a Flood Loss Occurs

The fight to obtain grant money for clients needing flood protection prior to a flooding emergency

Nature's Deadliest Disaster

Flooding is nature’s most deadliest disaster and it is becoming more prevalent every year. Over the past century, we have experienced more intense and frequent storms, which is a 20% increase in the past 50 years and is estimated to grow by 40-45% over the next 90 years. Damages from these flood losses have increased to an average of $10 billion per year, but what are we doing to prevent the money being spent by U.S. taxpayers for these reoccurring flood losses?

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Loss Avoidance Funding will pay up to $1,000 per building after a flood has occurred. John Lindsay from ShadyBrook Village who has experienced two flood losses to date costing over $1.4 million to NFIP and over $200,000 to Shadybrook Village, and one step away from becoming a repetitive-loss property, felt something had to be done differently to protect property owners prior to a flood, instead of waiting for the flood to occur. John partnered with his trusted broker Jim Cirillo and a company called Flood Risk America to change this policy and the lives of many affected by the devastating damages of flooding.

Flood Risk America is a proactive flood protection and consulting company that has years of working with FEMA and its own trusted engineers, architects, and flood professionals creating new innovative solutions to reduce the risk of flooding. 

According to Stephen Gill, CEO and partner of Flood Risk America, he believes that FRA can help eliminate the flooding vulnerabilities with the use of patented and trusted flood-proofing products and consultation services, allowing FEMA to release the Loss Avoidance Funding to property owners before the damage is done, rather than after, saving billions in tax dollars each year. “For $51,000, the amount Mr. Lindsay would have received from FEMA, Shadybrook Village would have avoided the flood loss completely,” stated Gill.  

A simple verbiage change to NFIP’s policy form that would allow property owners to access the $1,000 flood mitigation money would be transformative to many other properties like Shadybrook Village. Because of the efforts of these individuals, Manatee County Commissioners have agreed to help push for these changes to start the statewide and, ultimately, countrywide movement to help get the United States Congress to enact these changes set forth by FEMA and the NFIP. 

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Source: Flood Risk America

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