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Floodplain Management Services Creating Lower Flood Premiums

Flood Risk America (FRA) provides in-depth, professional, FEMA compliant, flood mitigation pre-development consulting services to construction companies and real estate developers. "We have the tools and expertise to anticipate the potential future Base Flood Elevations (BFE)," said Stephen Gill, CEO. With architectural and engineering experience in flood prevention, FRA works with clients to evaluate the data and prepare recommendations to current design specifications. "Our services provide a FEMA compliant structure, which helps maintain the lowest flood insurance premiums available," said Stephen Gill, CEO. 

Flood Risk America’s comprehensive flood risk assessment reports delineate the anticipated risk of current and future flooding from tidal water, storm surges, heavy rainfall, and groundwater inundation. Assessments include an in-depth customized view of the entire site, and also the property’s vulnerability to climate change and global warming. This flood-mapping data will be useful to construction companies for future building on proposed locations.

"Our services provide a FEMA compliant structure, which helps maintain the lowest flood insurance premiums available."

Stephen Gill, CEO

Not only do they assess the entire construction site, but they also provide their clients with detailed maps of the entire site, including an all-weather peril assessment, recommendations on level of which to build, and specific flood mitigation solutions based upon the detailed assessment.  Flood Risk America also navigates clients through local and national floodplain requirements. 

Benefits of FRA's Services

·     Reduce Construction Cost

·     Avoid Costly Flood Proofing Errors

·     Expedited Permitting Time

·     Building FEMA Compliant

·     Lender Compliant 

·     Navigation through local and Federal Floodplain


·     Increases Property Value

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Source: Flood Risk America/Flood Risk Canada

About Flood Risk America

Flood Risk America (FRA) and Flood Risk Canada (FRC) are proactive Flood Risk Management companies specializing in thorough flood prevention and flood mitigation services

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