Flip HTML5 Provides Professional Access Statistics Feature for Online Jquery Flip Book

FlipHTML5.com presents its newest version of the Flip HTML5 complete with online service which provides access statistics for every product uploaded. And also, this software gives its users of gold and pro version with Google Analytics feature.

Page flip publishing is the rage online; many budding authors have been able to reach a huge audience with their work and been able to make a successful name. Flip HTML5 has given such authors and creative people that special edge that will make their work easily readable, accessible, and creative. Flip HTML5 also offers online service which helps writers; authors and companies keep a track on how popular their work is online. They can know the pulse of the public online. To list some of the features of this new [url: http://fliphtml5.com/]Jquery flipbook software[/url],

Flip HTML5 enables:-

• Fully customized HTML5 page turning book style

• Easily access online

• Mobile Devices and browser friendly

• Animated reading experience

• Prompt and smooth publishing

• Social share feature integrated for marketing

• Access statistic like not other online

FlipHTML5 upload online service provides Access Statistics for users to supervise their HTML5 page turning book uploaded to FlipHTML5 server. With this remarkable service, users can immediately know how many people have visited the book, how many pages have been viewed and shared. The service will also tell them the number of clicks of links in the book. This is accurate data which will help companies and individuals to know precisely what is it about their product that the public gets attracted to. This will further help to create more flip books which are in demand.

The benefits of Flip HTML5 Access statistics are

• Never before flexibility in e-publishing

• Easy tracking of usage, download and views

• Compatible software

• Excellent service at a very nominal price

• In depth access statistics down to per page views

"As countless e-book makers are flooding the market with their creations, it is important for E-publishers to keep a tab on which of its products are hitting the nail on its head. Flip HTML5 does just that and I could track how many times my E-book was downloaded, viewed and shared. A fantastic software!!" Preston Lane, Las Vegas (a Flip HTML5 user and benefiter).

To make it even more user friendly, the [url: http://houmuramaku.blogspot.com/2013/10/free-fabulous-online-tool-to-make-html5.html]free pdf to flipbook software[/url] now allows users to make use of Google Analytics ID to track their online page flip books. In the analytics report, they can know where audiences come from and how they connect throughout each flip page. Even though the basic version has multiple features, the Gold and Pro version offers a wide range of options in conversion, analytics, sharing and customizing.

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