Flip HTML5 Is New Free Flipbook Maker for Ipad Based HTML5 Standard

FlipHTML5.com presents its newest version of the Flip HTML5 complete with online service which makes publishing e-books the easiest thing in the world. The combination of HTML5 and jQuery makes Flip HTML5 the software to use for Flip page publishing.

Page flip publishing is the latest trend online; [url: http://fliphtml5.com/]Flip HTML5[/url] has given users that special edge that will make their work effortlessly readable, accessible, and creative. HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard and aims to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and easily understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers, etc.). On the other hand, jQuery is the most popular multi-browser JavaScript library in use today. Flip HTML5 is a combination of both softwares and the result is a stunning page flipping realistic experience that reader gets to enjoy. Not only that, users can also convert PDF, MS Office, Open Office & image into interactive online page turning book with set in links to video, audio and slideshow. The simplest of Flip book makers, Flip HTML5 is user friendly and compatible with a range of latest devices including mobiles, tablets and iPads.

Flip HTML5 enables:-

• Fully customized HTML5 page turning book style

• Easily access online

• Mobile Devices and browser friendly

• Animated reading experience

• Effortless publishing

• Share option for instant marketing

• Access statistics

• Easy conversion from PDF to HTML5

The combination of HTML5 and jQuery make the generated flipbook perform faster and more fluently in multiple devices. The Flip HTML5 helps create flip e-books that are easily compatible with many digital devices, including Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad and Android device.

"Flip HTML5 makes creating e-books easy and creative. It allows videos and pictures to be embedded in my e-book which makes my book even more interesting and attractive. With so many Flash based page flipping software in the market, Flip HTML5 is by far the best. A must have software for every e-publisher!!" Lisa Nathan, Las Vegas (a Flip HTML5 user and benefiter).

Flip HTML5 is a [url: http://flssoft.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/100-free-online-flipbook-creator-view-on-ipad-from-pdf/]free FlipBook Maker for Ipad[/url] which has a wide range of conversion options, which makes its easy for users to convert their existing e-books into HTML5 & jQuery based page flip e-book within minutes. Even though the basic version has multiple features, the Gold and Pro version offers a wide range of options in conversion, analytics, sharing and customizing. Multifaceted software, it allows users to customize their product, track them online and add unlimited multimedia options to their creations.

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