Flip HTML5 Free EBook Publisher Now Integrates HTML5 and JQuery Technology

Unlike Flash-based flipping book software, Flip HTML5 software integrates HTML5 and jQuery technologies so users can create faster, more compatible flipbooks.

[url: http://fliphtml5.com/]Flip HTML5[/url] is a free flipbook making software that now integrates HTML5 and jQuery technologies. It differs from ordinary Flash-based flipping book software in that it supports the latest web technologies so users can create more sophisticated flip books. In turn, these are compatible with more devices and work much faster too.

New web technology is supported through the fifth version of the HTML standard programming language. The revision allows the standard to support multimedia and content readable by people and computing systems. A multi-browser JavaScript library, jQuery simplifies client-side HTML scripting and provides an easier way to view documents, create animations, develop applications, and more.

By combining HTML5 and jQuery, the software enables flipbooks to work faster on a number of different devices, including Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android units. Those viewing flipbooks can therefore experience video, audio, photo slideshows, and Flash animations more smoothly. Text, links, and bookmarks will also work much faster.

With [url: http://fliphtml5.com/free-ebook-publisher.php]Flip HTML5 Free eBook Publisher[/url], users can create flipping, magazines, books, presentations, photo albums, user manuals, and more. There are numerous applications for these and designers can even sell their products online, so it is important the flipbooks work effortlessly. The integration of HTML5 and jQuery, therefore, is very significant in the evolution of flipbook software. Users have a versatile tool for converting their PDF documents into multimedia, interactive publications.

Even better, people can view these documents on the latest operating systems and browsers. Every mobile device is supported as well, so e-books, product catalogs, and more can be seen on the newest smart phones and tablets. This affords a broader audience, as people are tending to read such materials on the go.

For more information on FlipHTML5 and its integrated technologies, visit http://fliphtml5.com/.

About FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd.

FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd. is a China-based software company specializing in flip book publishing tools. Established in 2010, the company is now a leader in this field and supplies its software to customers worldwide. Its product is suited for commercial and personal users, while providing an attractive page flipping effect and multimedia experience.


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