Flip HTML5 Brings a New Page Flip EBook Experience on IPad

Small business owners, corporations and anyone in need of a top quality flip book will be excited to know that new technology has been developed that takes the experience to a new level.

The creator of the Windows version has developed the HTML5 page flip book, which features an incredible page flipping effect.

Flip HTML5 [url: http://fliphtml5.com/]Free Flip Book Maker[/url] creates amazing documents such as online magazines, e-brochures, online catalogs, online textbooks and more. Perhaps the best part about this version is that the books are fully compatible with iPad, iPhone and other Android devices. For users who do not have their own server, the software provides an upload online service, which is available at a nominal fee.

The new version is further distinguished from the standard Flash based page due to the HTML5 and jQuery technologies. HTML technology has now gone through 5 revisions and this latest version is bigger and better than ever before. JQuery, the multi-browser JavaScript library, simplifies the client-side scripting of HTML. With the two combined, this allows the flip eBook to be compatible with more digital devices such as, Mac computer, Windows PC and more, performing at a faster, more fluent rate.

Founder/Creator of Flip HTML5, Alan Tsai, talked about this new technology, "With the increasing of mobile users nowadays, HTML5 tech is an inevitable tread. We aim to provide best tool to all eBook creators all over the world." he/she said.

The Flip HTML5 is completely user-friendly, offering demos and case studies for the new user. And for those who are not completely convinced whether Flip HTML5 is for them, they can download the freeware. The [url: http://fliphtml5.com/free-ipad-flipbook-maker.php]Free IPad Flipbook Maker - Flip HTML5[/url] retains the basic features of the whole version by allowing users to convert any PDF into a page flipping book with a custom feel and look. Users can upload a maximum of 50 EBooks to the online server monthly. Demos on the site give a full demonstration of how users can navigate the software and create polished, professional publications with the simulative flipping pages.

The new Flip HTML5 is available now for download or users may try the freeware to see the great options that are available. For more information, visit: [url: http://fliphtml5.com]http://fliphtml5.com[/url].

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