Five Incredible Shower Designs That Will Transform Your Bathroom!

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An amazing bathroom not only makes your home a more comfortable and beautiful environment to live in, it can also add considerable value to your home. Most bathrooms have a large portion of their space devoted to the shower, a feature that can make or break your bathroom. Moldy old tiles, outdated finishes and those frustrating plastic shower curtains can really damage the image and value of your bathroom. With these 5 incredible shower designs, you’ll see how much style, value and life a modern and well-appointed shower can bring to your bathroom.

Frameless Showers

The bathroom might not be the biggest room in your home, but it certainly doesn't have to be boring. With these amazing shower designs and innovations, your new bathroom can become a focus of style, beauty and relaxation.

Jennifer Bilse, Owner & President, Pleasanton Glass Company

Frameless shower enclosures are popular for their stunning modern design of pure clear glass suspended around the shower. Their clean, minimalist design complements almost any bathroom, and they are easier to clean and safer than framed enclosures, because there are fewer metal components. Having the advantage of fitting in almost any bathroom shape, space and design, frameless shower enclosures have the best of both worlds, being both stylish and versatile.

Specialty Glass

Glass is a popular choice for shower and bathroom design, because it is strong, beautiful and easy to clean. But there are so many options and choices of glass beyond just ‘traditional clear’. Specialty glass types such as Starphire and Crystal Clear are low iron formulations, which makes them extra bright, clean and clear, eliminating the dark edges common in traditional glass. You can also choose from a range of textured or patterned glass to add a touch of personality to your bathroom design.

Steam Shower

Dream of having a luxurious steam room or Turkish bath in your very own home? With a beautifully designed steam shower you can experience spa-style indulgence every day of the week. A steam shower uses a specially designed glass shower enclosure to retain steam inside the shower. This allows you to experience the full cleansing and rejuvenating effects of steam in the comfort of your own shower, and adds value as a great piece of home luxury.


Modern bathrooms should be light, airy and spacious, and glass dividers help to achieve this look. Rather than building solid walls in the bathroom that constrict space, frameless patterned glass dividers can add interest and privacy while keeping the space open and letting light shine through.

Painted Glass

Anyone with a tiled shower will tell you how quickly grime and mold can build up in grout within such a damp environment. For that reason, many are foregoing tiles in the shower in favor of flawless walls of colored glass which are safer, easier to clean and more beautiful than tiles. Glasskote painted glass is the perfect addition to any bathroom or shower, with up to 1,000 colors to choose from to match your unique design and style.

Source: Pleasanton Glass Company

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