FITLIGHT™ Announces Partnership With Insuperabili Charity Supported by Soccer Player, Giorgio Chiellini

Revolutionary Light-Based Training System Creator Donates Training Equipment to Italy Foundation that Runs Soccer Camps for Children with Special Needs

FITLIGHT Corp., a technology company who designs and creates innovative exercise and training environments with light sensors, is excited to pair with Insuperabili, a charity co-founded by famous soccer player, Giorgio Chiellini, that holds soccer camps with children with special needs.

After meeting with Insuperabili President Davide Leonardi & Giorgio Chiellini, FITLIGHT™ has donated FITLIGHT™ training equipment to the foundation so they can use the systems within several of their camps based throughout Italy.

This is an extraordinary and unequaled experience. I am proud to be part of the FITLIGHT team!

Pietro Longo, FITLIGHT Italia

“In this day and age, an organization like Insuperabili shows what is most important, a child’s happiness. They use the largest sport in the world, soccer, to give kids an opportunity to exercise and smile. We are truly honored that FITLIGHT can be a part of that,” said Rob Bouw, Director of Sales Europe.

“This is an extraordinary and unequaled experience. I am proud to be part of the FITLIGHT team!” adds Pietro Longo of FITLIGHT Italia, who will be working closely with the Insuperabili organization in utilizing the FITLIGHT equipment within their camps.

Insuperabili stands for Unbeatable. This foundation is aimed to give children with cognitive, relational, emotional, behavioral, physical, and motor disabilities the chance to participate in soccer camps throughout Italy. Through soccer, the project aims to ensure the growth and integration of children with disabilities in society. By identifying in this sport, an instrument of socialization and integration that with amusement and training can bring improvements to the level of psycho-physical health, personal satisfaction and, more generally, to the quality of life of the individual athlete.

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