FITLIGHT™ Announces Partnership With Goal Station

Revolutionary Light-Based Training System Creator Partners with Ultimate Soccer Training System

FITLIGHT Corp., a technology company who designs and creates innovative exercise and training environments with patented wireless light sensors that measure and capture data, announces their new partnership with Goal Station, the ultimate soccer training system.

Goal Station’s grand opening will be held June 23-24 in Miami, Florida as the first U.S. facility at the Soccer Cage Downtown located at 128 NE 17th Street, Miami, FL 33132.

Both companies are committed to excellence, innovation and revolutionizing the way training is measured.

Rob Bouw, Director of Sales at FITLIGHT™

Goal Station is the Ultimate Training System used for soccer training. FITLIGHT™ is a dynamic and measurable training solution that improves the relationship between the brain & body – together, Goal Station Powered by FITLIGHT™, is the ultimate revolution in soccer training. Goal Station uses the FITLIGHT™ technology for position specific training; improving reaction training; improving vision; accelerating decision making; and, tracking progress of the training through the FITLIGHT Trainer™ application.

Goal Station was designed in Demark and is used by professional coaches worldwide for all age groups and abilities. With FITLIGHT™’s technology, Goal Station allows for the below:

  • Improve first touch, improve fast feet, improve agility, and improve reaction time.
  • Improve balance and coordination, improve organization and decision-making.
  • Flexible system that can be configured for any specific training.
  • Captures and measures user performance for improvement analysis.
  • Single user or multiple users for more dynamic competitive training.
  • Portable/mobile system for outdoors and all seasons (Takes 10 minutes to set up)
  • Robust and impact resistant.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Goal Station,” said Rob Bouw, Director of Sales at FITLIGHT™. “Both companies are committed to excellence, innovation and revolutionizing the way training it measured."


FITLIGHT Corp. is headquartered in Ontario, Canada, and serves customers worldwide. FITLIGHT™ specializes in designing and creating equipment and technology applicable in sports, healthcare and tactical industries and have embraced innovative technology in the creation of products for all to enjoy in the pursuit of performance excellence. The goal at FITLIGHT™ is to change the way performance is measured and to be the global leader in revolutionizing human performance by offering interactive, adaptable, and measurable training solutions, and improving the relationship between the brain and body.

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About Goal Station

Goal Station is based out of Sunny Isles Beach, just outside Miami, Florida, USA and serves a global customer base.

And specializes in constructing the total comprehensive high-tech training facility equipped with the latest and newest technological advancements in soccer. Goal Station strives to provide a comprehensive training environment through the pursuit of excellence and innovation in all aspects of the game, from physical aspects like aerobic and anaerobic capacities, to the technical, tactical (positional), and mental elements like orientation, decision making and reaction training. Goal Station is committed to creating solutions to improving the efficiency of each session, in which the ball is continually in play, enhancing the attributes of human performance in soccer, while facilitating a dynamic, challenging and stimulating environment for all ages. With this new way of soccer training Goal Station is determined to conquer the world and change the game of soccer. Now, any soccer player, young and old, can improve their game. From soccer clubs to individual players, from high schools to universities, from academies to public parks, all can now benefit from the newest revelation in soccer!

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FITLIGHT Corp. specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment and platforms applicable in sports, healthcare and tactical industries. Our team continues to develop innovative products that are designed to improve human performance.

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