First Responder Resiliency Announces First Training Conference

Susan Farren announces initial training conference

Susan Farren

First Responder Resiliency, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping first responders cope with the emotional upheaval they experience during the course of their jobs, has launched their custom training program to assist first responders to deal with the stressors of their profession.

The program kicks off with an initial training conference on June 29th in Sonoma, California.

Susan Farren, a founder of First Responder Resiliency, Inc., states, “We’re delighted to announce our initial first responder resiliency training conference in June. We have a great program on tap for our first responders, and we are looking forward to the launch of what we envision to be a sustainable training curriculum.

We just started to talk about how to help first responders a couple of months ago, and the response from the first responder community, whether it’s police, firefighters, paramedics or anyone else, has been overwhelming. There is a massive need for this in this country – the very people who help others in their time of need have been overlooked in some ways and gone without help themselves for far too long. These are the people that our society counts on, and yet, what they do leaves deep scars on them that need intense healing.”

Ms. Farren, a former paramedic in the Bay Area for 33 years, lived in the high-stress environment that destroys marriages, families, sobriety and normal life for a long time, and therefore knows what she’s talking about when she says that first responders have largely been forgotten in terms of coping with anger or guilt or PTSD or the adrenaline-seeking behavior that often lingers with first responders for the rest of their lives.

She noted that all of the presenters and instructors for each of the training conferences is a current or former first responder, like herself, and therefore is intimately familiar with the emotional struggles of emergency personnel.

Learn more at and you may contact First Responders Resiliency by email at if desired.

Source: First Responder Resiliency


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