Finexio Announces Over 11 Direct ERP Integrations, Enabling Valuable Customer Connections Between Their Accounting Systems and Finexio's Comprehensive AP Payments Solution

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​​Finexio, the leading Accounts Payable Payments as a Service company, today announced that it has completed 11 direct ERP integrations, including Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Elite, M3, and more, making it simple for customers to adopt electronic accounts payable payments enabled by Finexio. These integrations allow Finexio to offer seamless onboarding of automated accounts payable payments to over 5 million companies using these ERPs to manage their financial operations 

Business disruption brought on by stay at home orders has driven CFOs to quickly evaluate and deploy digital-first payment solutions that eliminate costs, increase automation, and improve cashflow and working capital. It is impossible to send or receive a paper check for AP/AR when staff are not allowed to be in a physical office.  Finexio has responded to existing and future customer needs by providing the Payments Industry’s fastest, simplest, and most straightforward customer onboarding experience—launching customers in days versus the typical banks and software providers implementations that take weeks or even months.

Finexio is pleased to announce direct integrations with the following ERP systems and solutions:

  • Quickbooks (Online) - the cloud-based ERP serves companies across all industries and sizes all over the globe, boasting over 4.5 million subscribers. Check out our recent “Integration Made Easy” video to see our Quickbooks integration in action

  • Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics: Desktop, and Microsoft Dynamics GP(GreatPlains) - with hundreds of thousands of monthly users, these various ERP’s under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella of products and services serve both mid-sized and large enterprises

  • M3 - a vertically-focused ERP and accounting software that tailors to the product and service needs of the hospitality industry, currently leveraged by over 5,000 different hotels

  • Workday - a cloud-based ERP that serves mid and large-sized business, helping organizations across all industries

  • Elite - a global provider of business management solutions including 3E -ERP, focuses on law firms and professional services organizations

  • Jonas Club Software - from their general ledger application to payroll, this comprehensive accounting software serves over 2,300 clubs in 20 countries

  • Client Profiles - a leading software company in the legal services space, they provide financial management software to over 1,600 law firms and legal services companies

  • Macola - provides financial and business management software to medium-sized distribution and manufacturing companies

  • ProfitSage by ProfitSword - with over 50,000 users across all its products, ProfitSword’s ProfitSage provides operational and accounting software for medium-sized businesses

  • ViewpointOne - a modern ERP construction solution that seeks to improve job cost accounting and to provide accurate reporting in real-time

  • Ellucian - develops software and cloud applications for higher education institutions, implemented across 2,700+ institutions and over 20 million students

“Innovation continues to be the most important currency for technology companies,” said Ernest Rolfson, CEO, and Founder, Finexio—“Our success has been driven by quickly onboarding middle and large market corporates, better, faster, cheaper than large banks and legacy software firms by providing light touch, easy to leverage scalable ERP integrations.  Our modern approach to development and customer onboarding ensures that Finexio will continue to meet the needs of our customers, current, and future.”  said Ernest Rolfson, CEO of Finexio. “By building these direct integrations with systems like Quickbooks, Elite, M3, and Microsoft Dynamics, we’ve ensured that our solutions remain compatible with the platforms our customers’ finance departments depend on”.

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