Find Current Place of Employment With Docusearch and Deal With Debtors

Docusearch team gives detailed insight into wage garnishment and how a current employment lookup can strengthen your case in court.

Current Employment Lookup

For all the individuals who have been sitting with bated breath, frantically looking for a way to deal with sneaky debtors and irresponsible exes – we have good news!

The Docusearch team has compiled a comprehensive guide for its readers that goes into details of wage garnishment, how you can issue a notice to someone, and the critical tool you will need to successfully issue a wage garnishment.

Our work ethic ensures the boundaries remain enforced so that only genuine cases are catered to.

Dan Cohn, Owner, Docusearch

Touchy matters like a divorce and separation need to be handled with care. A minor issue can turn into a full-blown argument, and sometimes the custodial parent has no option but to get a court order to fulfill the child's financial needs. In cases such as these, the parent who owes child support may refuse to tell about his employment details or worse, lie.

Lawyers can only go so far to access employment details; this is where the private investigative team is of invaluable use to individuals.

As the article details,, while excellent for preparing cases for a wage deduction court order, is not limited to this purpose only. However, it must be noted the Docusearch team sets forth a list of qualifying reasons for which individuals can request an employment search.

The company provides services that can be classified as highly sensitive. Thus, it painstakingly takes great care to ensure no one with malicious intent gets hold of this reserved information.

“Our work ethic ensures the boundaries remain enforced so that only genuine cases are catered to.”

Clients must provide legal proof to the Docusearch team in order to successfully avail their services.

You can read the article here at Finding Current Employment: A Critical Tool for Wage Garnishment. Or contact the Docusearch team at 800-474-5350 for more information.


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