Docusearch Publishes Guide to Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Docusearch's licensed private investigators have advice for people who think their spouse is hiding cash or other valuable assets.

Finding Bank Accounts & Hidden Assets In A Divorce

Nearly half of American marriages end in divorce, and a recent report estimates that 26 percent of married people are hiding assets from their spouse. Because the problem is so widespread, the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch just published a comprehensive guide to finding hidden assets in a divorce.

Their best advice? Hire a licensed asset investigator to search for secret bank accounts, hidden investment/retirement accounts and suspicious business records. Because a licensed investigator has access to information that is normally reserved for law enforcement, he can conduct nationwide searches and, oftentimes, get the current account balance or value estimation.

A whopping 7.2 million Americans are hiding money from their spouse. In other words, 26 percent of married people have a secret stash of valuable assets!


Many people think their divorce lawyer will search for all of this information on his own, but lawyers don't have the same access that licensed investigators do. Lawyers can send interrogatories, ask questions in depositions and file subpoenas, but if a spouse is actively working to hide his assets, he will not turn over any information during the discovery phase.

According to the Docusearch team, spouses come up with a variety of ways to avoid sharing assets with their soon-to-be-ex, including:

  • Delaying commission or bonus payments until the divorce is finalized
  • Purposely over-paying the IRS to make their take-home salary look smaller
  • Stashing cash and other assets in a secret safe deposit box
  • Secretly investing in stocks and mutual funds and depositing profits into a secret bank account

In their guide, the team at Docusearch provides some tips for people who think their spouse may be hiding assets. They suggest starting by looking at recent tax returns, bank statements and business records to see if anything looks suspicious. However, they stress that a spouse can hide assets without anything showing up on these documents. Hiring a licensed private investigator is the only way to definitively prove whether or not assets are being hidden. You can access Docusearch's guide at Finding Bank Accounts and Hidden Assets In a Divorce.

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Source: Docusearch

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