Final Phase of the WeedGenics New Southern California Grow Expansion Nears Completion

As the manufacturing partner of choice for premium medical marijuana thanks to the unique Integrated National Resources/WeedGenics extraction process, the company also has equity in nearly 30 dispensaries

Adelanto, CA

In the desert of Southern California, growth is happening thanks to a new 150,000 square-foot Integrated National Resources' WeedGenics grow and manufacturing facility. Approaching the final phase of the Adelanto, CA expansion to be completed in January 2022, WeedGenics is primed to be a leader in the California cannabis industry.

Thanks to a proven track record of cultivating premium THC products for more than 10 years, WeedGenics has a tried-and-tested formula for growing premium plants. "We train our plants like Olympic athletes," says Integrated National Resources/WeedGenics President and CEO Mike Garcia. By using a breakdown that focuses on 60 percent genetics, 30 percent of professional know-how, and 10 percent on the grow environment—including pristine water quality, CO2 treatments, and increased levels of light, the result is a successful higher yield. "We don't guess with nutrients—we know," Garcia says. "We feel that the love we give each plant translates into a better product, so we go as far as to water each individual plant." At the Adelanto facility, each of the 80 lightrooms supports 1,100 cannabis plants and every 40 light sections of 550 plants are tended to by an expert master grower.

As the manufacturing partner of choice for premium medical marijuana thanks to the unique Integrated National Resources/WeedGenics extraction process, the company also has equity in nearly 30 dispensaries. Additionally, they curate a selection of cannabis products and merchandise with a goal of providing the best strains and concentrates to assist patients with PTSD, phantom pain, cancer, night tremors, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. WeedGenics was also named "One of the 20 Innovative Companies to know in 2021" by "Global Business Leaders Magazine."

Integrated National Resources and WeedGenics continue to grow as well as their plants and are already scouting locations beyond their original Nevada facility in operation for more than a decade, plus the aforementioned California expansion. For more information, visit or email 

Source: WeedGenics

About WeedGenics

From flower and pre-rolls to extracts, edibles, and other high-quality creations, Integrated National Resources Inc.'s WeedGenics is an industry-leading manufacturer of myriad cannabis and THC-infused products. Thanks to expanding production facilities in Adelanto, CA, breaking ground in the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma, plus their original Las Vegas, NV grow, WeedGenics strives to provide the best possible flower to patients and pays careful attention to selecting and cultivating premium medical cannabis. With more than a decade’s worth of professional cannabis horticulture expertise, WeedGenics produces high-turning results while ensuring efficiency and purity.

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