Farms and Agribusinesses Are Hiring Amid COVID-19

While many businesses are forced to close, the food supply chain needs to keep up with demand to feed the world.

​​​​​As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the agriculture and agribusiness industries are hiring. While many businesses are forced to close, the food supply chain needs to keep up with demand to feed the world. There is high demand among AgHires clients and the industry to specifically hire skilled labor, sales and management roles for both seasonal and full-time positions. Whether on farms, in crop nutrient companies, or in food production, there are new opportunities available.

Farms, in majority of the country, are in planting season now. This is one of two busy seasons for ag, the other being harvest. The entire agriculture industry has increased needs for employees as farmers are busy getting crops in the field and agribusinesses are supporting those efforts by providing crop nutrients, seed, ag technology and equipment repairs. 

Agriculture has experienced a tight labor market for several years and farms, along with agribusinesses, are looking to hire top talent for full-time positions. This is an opportunity to join a company where you can see the impact of your efforts and in most cases work directly for family-owned operations. Common positions needed on farms include heavy equipment mechanics, equipment operators, field operations managers and production managers. Agribusinesses are hiring for territory sales roles, ag technicians, engineers, and location managers. We are also seeing a need for seasonal truck drivers for farms to move crops and at ag retailers to deliver crop nutrients to the farms.

Candidates with military backgrounds align well with agriculture as they bring the need for problem solving. Other industries that align well with agriculture include construction and manufacturing, specifically engineers and production managers can easily transition.

"There really is no better work culture than agriculture. We care about our employees, we pride ourselves on feeding the world, and the work you do each day impacts others. Our industry offers a stable work environment as the demand for food continues to increase as the population grows," said Lori Culler, Owner and Founder of AgHires.

On there are over 7,000 job opportunities available across the industry. We invite job seekers to join a powerhouse industry as agriculture, food, and related industries contribute over one trillion to the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture and its food sectors account for more than 22 million full and part-time jobs in the US according to 2018 U.S. Department of Commerce. As the world population continues to increase, we need to work together to increase agriculture production by 70%, therefore jobs in agriculture across the world will be demand for years to come.

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