70% of Agriculture Job Seekers Expect Salary Details in Job Postings, Yet Pay is Not Most Important When Considering a Job Offer, Finds AgHires' Survey

AgHires’ Recent Job Seeker Survey Yields Key Findings for Agriculture Employers

AgHires Report - Strategic Hiring - Understanding Trends Among Agricultural Job Seekers

AgHires, a leading recruitment and job advertising firm for the agriculture, food production, and horticulture industries, recently conducted a Job Seeker Survey on a range of topics related to job searching and the hiring process from the candidate’s perspective. The final report aims to give agricultural employers valuable insight into trends of ag job seekers. 

AgHires collected data from over 700 individuals employed in the agriculture industry across a variety of sectors and job types. Participants were asked questions related to topics such as job search methods, essential elements of a job description, desirable qualities of a job, common job search frustrations, perceptions of the hiring process, and the effectiveness of passive recruitment strategies.

A few key findings: 

  • When salary information is provided in a job description, 70% of individuals express a higher likelihood of applying for the job. However, compensation was NOT ranked in the top 5 most important factors when considering a new job offer. 
  • 94% of respondents indicate that they would at least listen and consider a new job if contacted by a company or recruiter today.
  • In terms of common job search frustrations, 41% of candidates find not hearing back from an employer after applying or interviewing to be the most frustrating. 

"In the current hiring market, it’s crucial for employers to understand job seeker behavior and make the right adjustments to their hiring process in order to stay competitive and attract top talent," says Lori Culler, owner and founder of AgHires. 

For access to the full survey report, visit https://info.aghires.com/agriculture-job-seeker-trends or contact AgHires at info@aghires.com


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