FamiSafe, the Popular Parental Monitoring Tool, Gets a Major Feature and Interface Upgrade

FamiSafe is one of the most popular parental monitoring apps by Wondershare Technology. The developers have recently given the interface a massive facelift and also added a YouTube app monitoring feature.


FamiSafe is an app that needs no introduction. From the house of Wondershare, this parental monitoring tool is an apt choice for all those parents who are constantly worried about the online safety of their child. This tool comes packed with several features that include real-time location tracking, cyberbullying prevention, web content filtering, screen time control, and more.

Internet is both a blessing and a curse, and the kind of content anyone can access on YouTube is mind-boggling. There is no doubt that the extent of cybercrime that is prevalent in the world has made it mandatory for the app developers to come up with such features. A large number of children get exposed to nudity, child violence, abuse, and other voices, owing to the endless harmful content on YouTube.

Here is a snapshot of what YouTube app monitoring has to offer.

For Android users:

· Have discreet access to all videos that the child has seen on the YouTube app on their phone.

· Block specific videos and channels which they feel might have a negative influence on the mind of the child.

· Set trigger words which, in turn, will send an alert every time the child punches those words in the search term.

For iOS users:

· Connect the child's account to start YouTube content monitoring.

· Detect inappropriate YouTube video titles, descriptions, comments and search history from which the child has subscribed, liked or posted.

· Receive keyword alerts automatically once detecting suicidal tendencies, sexual harassment and more.

Along with this, FamiSafe also made it a point to revamp the user interface. This was important to ensure that users were much more likely to be at ease.

Here are the key changes in the new interface design:

· The new design is made more user-friendly and responsive.

· The design is easy to navigate and free of unwanted clutter.

· One can easily access the features of the software and understand its use sans hassles.

Simon, the FamiSafe marketing director, was quoted as saying, "This tool had become more of a necessity, and we are aware of how helpful it truly can be. The very fact that it helps in ensuring online safety of your child is a massive incentive for you to go ahead and own this software."

The app is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store. For more information, visit: https://famisafe.wondershare.com/

About FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a powerful tool by Wondershare Technology and was released back in July 2018. This is one of the powerful remote monitoring tools for parents who want to regulate control and monitor the activities of their children in the network world. ​

Source: Wondershare


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