FamiSafe Allows Parents to Curb the Perils of Teen Sexting

FamiSafe, one of the popular parental control apps was recently in the news. It is playing a monumental role in helping parents curb the growing perils of teen sexting and is a welcome relief for most paranoid parents.


Teen sexting is on the rise and every year, many children become victims of it. Some are lured to send nude pictures that are then used for wrong purposes. Some end up being blackmailed for their nude selfies and this could lead to massive trauma in children. Tackling the growing incidences of teen sexting has become the need of the hour and FamiSafe is the app that has come to the rescue of too many worried parents.

Parents need to talk to kids about the perils of teen sexting and explain why they should steer away from it. Often it is the lack of right awareness and understanding that makes kids fall prey to it.

Here are a few things that parents should do to help their child battle sexting.

  • Create the right awareness at a young age 
  • Teach them about how to battle online bullies who may encourage sexting 
  • Educate them about how to report sexting 
  • Make use of some parental control apps to fight against sexting​​​

With FamiSafe, parents can keep an eye on online activities of children and hopefully keep their kids away from cyberbullies looking to prey on children by drawing them to the world of sexting. While the app comes with several important features:

  • Monitor top social media portals including WhatsApp, Instagram and Kik to detect explicit content and give an instant alert
  • Detect nude pictures and alert the parents so that they can save their kids from being blackmailed
  • View the web history of their kids and see the sites they have been accessing
  • Filter different sites and block content that may be linked to sexting and even child pornography

Selena, the FamiSafe marketing director, was quoted as saying, “We are aware of how dangerous the online world can be and yet children tend to be hooked to it for several reasons. By developing a parental control app, we aim to help parents allow their kids to enjoy the good benefits of the web and keep them shielded from the perils.”

There are so many kids who have been blackmailed after they shared compromising pictures of themselves to their friends. It can also be used to extort money and can sometimes lead to severe mental trauma as well. So, by making use of apps like FamiSafe, one can be sure that they can shield their kids and help them have a better life. ​For more information, please visit: https://famisafe.wondershare.com

Source: FamiSafe


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