EyeKandy.com Announces Partnership With Flixmedia to Provide Augmented Reality 'Point & Place' Platform to Retailers and Brands

Platform allows brands and retailers to easily add AR shopping in-store and online

Point & Place AR Platform

EyeKandy, a global leader in A-Commerce, today announced the launch of a global sales partnership with Flixmedia, the dominant content provider to the world’s biggest brands and retailers.

The Point & Place Augmented Reality (AR) Platform developed by EyeKandy has already been adopted as the turnkey AR platform by numerous retailers, including Walmart, Curry’s and Euronics.

The cloud-based platform enables brands and retailers to take advantage of the growing consumer awareness of AR technologies and deliver an engaging shopping experience with an "Instant On" AR shopping in-store and on websites.

With a portfolio of over a thousand, high-quality, AR product models across 15 product categories, including Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Apparel and Furniture, the platform removes the need for brands and retailers to undertake costly R&D on their own bespoke AR platform or have to produce costly digital AR product models.

Andy Shackleton, CEO of Eyekandy, commented, "We have strong uptake from the retailers and brands we contact directly, but recognise that our strength lies in being the technical enabler of the technology, not the sales and marketing of it. Flixmedia has an unrivaled portfolio of global retail and brand partnerships that will undoubtedly accelerate the adoption of the Point & Place AR Platform as the standard for commerce.”

Luc Monein, CRO of Flixmedia, commented, "We’re delighted to be appointed as the agency for such an innovative, impactful, yet easy-to-integrate platform. We’ve had many clients enquiring about adding AR shopping capabilities to our service offering and this is a home run for Instant On AR shopping for our retailers and brands.

"It’s critical for retailers to continue to innovate to grow. But innovation is hard, time-consuming, distracting and expensive. We want to support our retail community and take the heavy lifting of innovation from the retailers and provide them with a turnkey solution to offer to their shoppers, both on mobile devices and in-store."

Point & Place is available for brands and retailers from Flixmedia now.

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About EyeKandy

EyeKandy is a leader in digital content production and A-commerce. A trusted adviser on emerging technology for brands and retailers around the world, EyeKandy leads the way in A-commerce-focused, emerging technology campaigns that drive sales.

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About Flixmedia

Flixmedia is a world-leading Digital Marketing Technology business that maximises the online sales of brands and retailers globally. Our client portfolio includes Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Sony and Nikon who trust us to consolidate and deliver inspiring digital online content to the world’s largest retailer websites such as Best Buy, Walmart and Currys. 

For more information, please visit www.flixmedia.eu or email pointandplace@flixmedia.eu.

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