exway Sets Riders Free With Their Remote Activated, High Performance, Electric Skateboard

Weighing in at just 6kg, with a range of 16km and a top speed of 40km/h, exway is a high-performance electric skateboard with advanced intelligent features that make it perfect for novices and pro-level riders alike.

Compared to the competition, exway looks ultra-sleek. Choosing to fuse design and performance, the exway team put its high capacity Li-Po battery inside a military-grade deck and integrated the dual motors inside the wheels. The result is a modern high-performance electric board that retains the classic lines and thin profile of classic skateboards, but holds all the power and promise of today’s best technology.

In addition to its modern style, exway has some advanced features such as remote activation to turn the board On and Off. This means that rather than fumbling for a switch, the user simply drops the board, keys the remote and rides away.

Setting itself apart from other similar products, exway is powered by the most reliable and efficient electric brushless motors on the market and features custom trucks provided by US vendor SEISMIC for superior steering & stability. The board is also equipped with advanced sensors that control power to the wheels to guarantee smoother starting torque and climbing performance for a better riding experience.

“As an avid rider myself, I tried many electric skateboards on the market but found them lacking the performance I wanted. Not only that, but the electric components made them look bulky and poorly designed. My team and I decided to make a stylish, high-performance board that would be nearly indistinguishable from a classic skateboard. We achieved that with exway — it looks great and rides like a dream,” said Chao Zeng, Founder/CEO.

Combining good looks and power along with an extra-long range and smart features, the exway skateboard answers the needs of casual commuters, students and serious riders with an all-in-one board that is easy to handle and performs beautifully.

exway is currently being launched in their website http://exwayboard.com with special deals and pricing for early adopters. 

Source: Exwayboard.com

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