PetNow — the World's First Wearable High-Definition Monitor for Dogs

​​​​​​​​​​​​Comfortable, safe and easy to use, PetNow captures the world of dogs from a totally new point of view.

PetNow is available now with special rewards for lucky early adopters: [LINK]

Dogs are truly man’s best friend and always beloved members of the family. Now, with PetNow, pet owners can always stay connected with their dogs through audio and video. The PetNow wearable camera harness for dogs lets owners speak to their pet remotely and see and record their dog’s activities anytime and anywhere.

Keeping track of one’s pet can be difficult with energetic dogs. In a moment, they can be out of sight and out of voice range. Having a way to monitor them is essential. With PetNow, users can simply open an app and instantly see what their dog is up to just by turning on the camera and getting a first-person view of their dog’s activity and location or speak commands directly to them using a two-way speaker and microphone.

“Dogs see the world in a different way than people and love to sniff out new adventures. We wanted to design a way for owners and pets to keep in touch using technology and to create a new kind of videography that uses the unique perspective of dogs. With PetNow, users can see the world through the eyes of their pets and capture all the fun adventures that happen. PetNow keeps dogs safe and provides a totally new look at the world.” -Tony Huang, CEO, PetNow

PetNow is simple to use. It is a comfortable, wearable pet harness designed especially for dogs. It is made to allow free movement for pets and is available in five sizes to fit any size of the dog. The style of the harness can be changed with camera covers that take the shape of a bear, hamster and more. The harness contains a high-definition camera that is app-enabled to turn on, take pictures, record videos or watch live-streams from the dog world!

Although simple and intuitive, PetNow is packed with powerful technology. The camera is a 1080P High Definition wireless camera that provides clear images and HD video. It works under any conditions and even has automatic night vision capability. It is the perfect way to capture the scene around the dog’s location. For convenience, it has an on-board battery and low power consumption that keeps it running for up to three months.

Controlling the dog camera is easy using a powerful app that works over Wi-Fi and includes an AP-hotspot for recording ability when out on walks with the dog. Sharing pictures directly from the camera to social networks is as simple as pushing a button. PetNow easily creates a digital record of a dog’s life.

With the camera harness from PetNow, an incredible dog’s eye view of the world can be seen. It is a fun, safe and interesting way to stay connected with a pet and record their every adventure.

PetNow's wearable, high-definition camera harness for dogs is available now with a special introductory price for new users. Visit the campaign here.

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