LaserPecker Pro Adds Value to the Most Affordable Laser Engraver on the Market

​​LaserPecker recently announced the launch of an upgraded version of the most compact, affordable and easy-to-use laser engraver. This exciting new product, LaserPecker Pro, puts words, images, patterns or designs on virtually any type of material. It is available now on Kickstarter:

With the release of the LaserPecker engravers, the previously cost-prohibitive ability to engrave virtually any surface is accessible to anyone without expensive gear or specialized training. The newest laser tech has produced powerful engravers that are small enough to be portable, yet strong enough for both consumer and light industrial use, making it easier than ever for consumers to take advantage of the power of laser engraving.

LaserPecker engravers were designed with hobbyists, artists, students and home users in mind. These new engravers are simple and intuitive to use and controlled through a smartphone app. They are plug and play and can be set up and working in seconds. For versatility, they may be powered by an outlet, battery pack or a USB Type-C cable. The included smartphone app has simple commands that allow users to select a picture or other design from their phone and begin engraving with just a few clicks.

LaserPecker engravers are compact, inexpensive and packed with features that make them the perfect entry into the world of laser engraving. The LaserPecker Pro adds an Auto-focusing Support Stand to quickly and securely support the engraver anywhere, making it an excellent option for portability and travel. The stand is equipped with an automatic cooling fan to cool down the materials while printing, efficiently saving time and effort.

“Our engravers are so easy to use that anyone can get started with laser engraving in minutes. We also made them ultra-portable so they can be used on-the-go or in different locations, as needed, when traveling between home, work, school or for special events and point of sale operations. The auto-focusing support stand included with LaserPecker Pro provides the perfect surface for engraving and keeps the materials cool during the process. It’s an exciting upgrade that speeds up and improves laser engraving,” said CEO QingPeng Xie.

The laser unit included with the engravers is extremely versatile and is capable of creating images and designs on a variety of materials including wood, fabric, plastics and metals, providing engravings with vivid images and clear details that perfectly represent the artwork. The process is simple and users can control the entire process on a smartphone.

With beginners and home users in mind, LaserPecker Pro is extremely safe with multiple protection systems built-in for safe use. It uses an advanced laser shield that supports auto-focusing, reduces harmful blue light, and filters fumes created during the engraving process. These systems make LaserPecker Pro totally safe to use even inside the home.

LaserPecker Pro is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

Source: LaserPecker Pro