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Team members from Excel Management, Inc. recently returned from a leadership conference held in Newport Beach. Two of them sat down to discuss their experiences and what they learned from this event.

“These conferences always have a positive impact on our entire team, because there is so much good knowledge imparted,” said Kinsey, Excel Management, Inc.’s President.

Kinsey noted that Robert and Joshua, both of whom attended the event, came back with many pointers. They spoke about the leadership tips they learned, as well as what skills they acquired.

Both men shared that it was an honor to be selected. “This trip is important because it is an opportunity to learn from the best leaders in the business and accelerate growth,” said Robert. “This is one of countless opportunities our organization has created to invest in our development as leaders. Our team is extremely fortunate to work in an atmosphere that facilitates growth and fosters development.” 

"These conferences always have a positive impact on our entire team, because there is so much good knowledge imparted,"



Joshua stated: “The reason why this trip is so important is that it stretches one mentally. I brought back so much information to help every member of our team become successful not only in what we do here, but in our personal lives as well.”

Excel Management, Inc. Associates Discuss Leadership and Skills Learned at Conference

Much of the conference was dedicated to learning about leadership skills. As Robert noted, the event helped him solidify his vision of what good leadership entails. “There are certain qualities I look for in leaders who inspire me,” he said. “The first is a leader who leads by example. This is someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. The second is a leader who can place himself or herself in other people's shoes and relate to them, regardless of the situation. The third is a leader who is genuinely interested in helping someone grow. I feel very fortunate to work in an organization with multiple leaders who possess these qualities.”

Joshua concurred with Robert’s assessment of Excel Management, Inc.’s leadership. “The two business leaders I look up to are Larissa and Kinsey,” he shared. “They have inspired me in so many ways. They have instilled in me the belief that with a positive attitude, a humble, growth-oriented mind-set, and a great work ethic, anything can be accomplished.”

Both men studied specific managerial skills as well, pointing to progressive recruiting and interview techniques, effective communication skills, and analytical skills as some of what they now know.

Kinsey concluded that while Robert and Joshua represent two of the firm’s stars, she encourages a collaborative culture in which everyone is valued. She also noted that the team would be growing again shortly. “We’ll be recruiting soon,” she stated. “With growth comes opportunity for everyone. It’s going to be another great year.”

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