Excel, Inc. Prepares for Expansion

Excel, Inc. leaders are preparing to open a new territory. The firm's President discussed this venture and the empowering team atmosphere the company provides for its associates.

“Our team has worked so hard to make Excel, Inc. successful in Kansas,” stated Kinsey, the firm’s President. “I’m excited to say that we will be expanding into a new territory thanks to our people’s continuing dedication to achieve big goals.” The President is confident in her team’s ability to make the most of this expansion effort. “They’ve shown their commitment to excellence on behalf of the brands we represent, and now they get to take them to fresh demographics.”

Reaching new customers is one of the prime benefits of entering new territories. “We get to sharpen Excel, Inc.’s reputation as a forward-looking leader in the marketing and consulting services industry,” Kinsey explained. “Perhaps more importantly, we get to expand market influence for the brands we promote. Everyone involved in the expansion comes out on the winning side. That’s why we already have more new markets in our sights for the months and years to come.”

"Our team has worked so hard to make Excel, Inc. successful in Kansas," stated Kinsey, the firm's President. "I'm excited to say that we will be expanding into a new territory thanks to our people's continuing dedication to achieve big goals."

Kinsey, President

Adding new team members is another benefit of expanding into untapped markets. The President commented, “We know our aggressive expansion will require an infusion of talent, so we’re excited to find the perfect fits for Team Excel, Inc. Strong team players who are committed to constant learning should apply on our website.”

Excel, Inc.’s President Details Supportive Team Atmosphere

A supportive team culture is one of the driving forces behind Excel, Inc.’s ongoing growth. Associates are empowered to pursue their individual goals while also collaborating with each other to achieve company objectives. “We want our team members to reach their unique potential,” Kinsey stated. “As they do so, we know that our organization will benefit just as much as their individual career prospects. The fact that we provide clear pathways to advancement ensures that our associates stay motivated to set high benchmarks.”

Recognition is another powerful tool Excel, Inc. leaders use to uphold a winning culture. Both small victories and major milestones receive notice, often in public ways. Kinsey added, “Putting our people in the spotlight for their contributions keeps them engaged in hitting their targets. No one has to wonder if his or her efforts will be rewarded. I believe our commitment to showing appreciation is one of the main reasons our company continues to meet and exceed our growth goals.”

About Excel, Inc.

Excel, Inc. has built a reputation as Kansas’s leading innovative marketing firm. Driven by a team of highly-skilled promotional experts, the company drives business growth and rapid market expansion through dynamic on-site promotions. Their campaigns forge lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their customers by using an experiential approach strengthened by in-depth market research. As a result, Excel, Inc.'s team members specialize in making an immediate impact that engages consumers and creates lasting brand loyalty, all while providing consistently high returns on clients’ investments. To learn more about how Excel, Inc. helps businesses grow in new markets, visit excel-incorporated.com.

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