Excel, Inc. Team Members Enjoy R&R Trip

The President of Excel, Inc. discussed a recent R&R getaway enjoyed by two of the firm's associates. She also highlighted the team-building benefits of travel, both for business and pleasure.

Travel incentives have become major elements of the Excel, Inc. work culture. Kinsey, the firm’s President, explained, “Our associates get the chance to visit new places for a wide range of purposes. Whether it’s a conference, networking function, or exotic retreat, we put prime getaways on the line to keep our people motivated to do their best.” Two team members, Jessie and Hayley, recently won the right to attend a rest and relaxation event in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Kinsey remarked, “Jessie and Hayley earned this travel opportunity by being so committed to reaching their goals. They’ve been setting the bar high for themselves and inspiring their teammates in the process. The Punta Cana trip was the ideal way to show appreciation for their efforts, but there were plenty of other benefits to be gained as well.”

Jessie and Hayley noted the networking potential offered by the Punta Cana trip. They had the opportunity to meet high-level professionals from all corners of the industry. The two top performers also explained that the trip was a great way to highlight their achievements, which include securing promotions, anchoring campaigns, and becoming expert trainers.

Excel, Inc.’s President Outlines the Many Benefits of Team Travel Events

When members of Team Excel, Inc. venture away from the office together, they reap a wide range of personal and professional rewards. “Business travel is an ideal way for people to learn more about each other’s unique personalities,” Kinsey added. “There’s always a stronger sense of camaraderie around our workspace after a team travel event. Our associates come to understand each other better and discover talents they never knew they had.”

Traveling professionals also get to reframe their perspectives. The President explained, “They get away from their daily routines, which helps them gain new insights into the work they do. Our people tend to come back to the Excel, Inc. office with renewed motivation to try new approaches. There’s something about being around other high-achieving professionals that makes you even more committed to doing your best work.

During exotic retreats and more traditional industry gatherings, networking opportunities are plentiful. “Our people make the most of every chance to add helpful new contacts,” Kinsey stated. “I have no doubt that Jessie and Hayley forged a few meaningful connections during their time in Punta Cana.”

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