Excel, Inc. Promotes Two Team Members

The Excel Management, Inc. team recently promoted two team members to be assistant managers. According to Kinsey, the firm's President, rewarding associates is an important part of the company's culture.

​​​​​The sales and marketing industry is an exceedingly competitive space. For Kinsey and her team at Excel Management, Inc., this means building a highly motivated team who can create innovative campaigns. She regularly recognizes the hard work of her associates with promotions, travel, and gratitude.

“I am very pleased to be able to announce that Tommy M. and Samual T. have been promoted to assistant managers,” she continued. “They will be learning all aspects of running an office including hiring, motivating team members, and leading campaigns. I am certain that both Tommy and Samual will excel in this new role.”

"I am very pleased to be able to announce that Tommy M. and Samual T. have been promoted to assistant managers,"

Kinsey, President

Kinsey explained that the purpose of the assistant manager role is to prepare the individual for the manager position. As such, Tommy and Samual will be working closely with Kinsey to help run the Excel Management, Inc. office and grow its business.

Tommy indicated that he has learned a lot about what it takes to be successful. “I had to broaden my perspective,” he said. “At first I was too focused on my own needs. I realized that being selfless starts with having the ability to see beyond personal concern and empathize with others. This helped my growth considerably.”

According to Kinsey, Tommy’s ability to support his team really brought them together. His effectiveness as a leader was a major part of why he received this promotion. She added that Tommy is selfless, humble, and confident. While he originally wanted to retire young, Tommy has found a real calling in leading others and is no longer sure he will be able to give it up.

Samual is an expert at building relationships. “My promotion in this company is directly related to the relationships I've built with my team,” he asserted. “When everyone helps out to accomplish each other’s goals, we all grow together. We all know that we are here for one another, and that selflessness not only promoted me, but it will promote my team as well.”

Kinsey also highlighted Samual’s recruiting abilities and his perseverance as key strengths. According to Samual, his major goal right now is to help promote two of his team members before the end of the year.

Excel Management, Inc.’s President Discussed the Firm’s Culture of Advancement

At Excel Management, Inc., helping team members to advance in their careers is a high priority, according to Kinsey. This includes opportunities to learn and take on new responsibilities as well as promotions.

“We want our associates to truly benefit from working here,” she said. “We have committed ourselves to offering endless career development opportunities. I believe this dedication is part of why we have such an outstanding and loyal group of professionals.”

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