Excel, Inc. Promotes Two Team Members

​​​Excel, Inc.’s growth spurt continues. The interactive marketing firm announced the addition of two individuals who quickly ascended to assistant manager positions. This duo represents the work ethic that defines the company.

“We are in expansion mode,” stated Kinsey, Excel, Inc.’s Director of Operations. “It’s a pleasure to have two competent people ready to help take the reins.”

Kinsey announced that Ashley and Hailee, while both only with the company a short time, have already proven their abilities to shine at Excel, Inc. “From the moment they came, both associates sought out opportunities to learn and grow quickly,” she said. “They applied the knowledge and experiences they had prior to arriving at our firm, thus adding extraordinary value with fresh ideas.”

"We are in expansion mode."


Director of Operations

According to Kinsey, prior to joining Excel, Inc., Ashley already had some leadership experience. “She ran her parents’ business for two years before moving to Kansas City and beginning her job with us,” she said. “She’s now focusing on how to coach others and transfer knowledge to individuals who have different backgrounds.”

Hailee had already served as an intern at the firm for three months during the summer of 2016. “After graduation, she came back to work with us full time,” Kinsey said. “She’s really good at building relationships, which is something she is continuing to work on from a networking standpoint.”

Excel, Inc. Manager Describes Traits That Lead to Promotions

As Kinsey stated, there are qualities that both Ashley and Hailee possess that ultimately led to their fast rise at Excel, Inc. “They instinctively understood that to be promoted, you need to work for the job you want, not the job you have,” she said. “This means thinking like a leader from day one.”

“Neither woman was shy about speaking up when they had a suggestion to offer,” Kinsey added. “Their fresh thinking and assertiveness helped them stand out fast. We value all of our team members’ input and they certainly took advantage of the chance to demonstrate they were always thinking and innovating.”

Another factor that enabled their ascendency was that they asked for responsibility. “Never be afraid to take on more,” Kinsey recommended. “Once you’ve mastered one skill, be ready to try the next.”

With Ashley and Hailee poised to lead the next round of growth, Kinsey concluded: "I look forward to watching them grow and develop into the great leaders that I know they will be.”

About Excel, Inc.:

Excel, Inc. has built a reputation as Kansas’s leading innovative marketing firm. Driven by a team of highly-skilled promotional experts, the company drives business growth and rapid market expansion through dynamic on-site promotions. Their campaigns forge lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their customers by using an experiential approach strengthened by in-depth market research. As a result, Excel, Inc's.team members specialize in making an immediate impact that engages consumers and creates lasting brand loyalty, all while providing consistently high returns on clients’ investments. To learn more about how Excel, Inc.  helps businesses grow in new markets, visit excel-incorporated.com.

Source: www.excelmanagement.com.

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