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In the interactive marketing industry, the fourth quarter is an extremely hectic time of year. However, as the Excel Management, Inc. managers note, it's important to the firm's culture to take time to celebrate the holidays as a team.

“Our firm’s culture is rooted in recognizing the diversity of our team,” said Kinsey P., Excel Management, Inc.’s president. “The holidays are important to our associates, which is why we find ways to be inclusive of everyone’s celebrations, vacation needs, and spirit for the season.”

As Kinsey quickly noted, everyone enjoys a bit of time off during late November and January. “Since this is a busy season for us, we need to ensure coverage,” she explained. “In our Excel Management, Inc. offices, we have a huge calendar we put up that lists what days people will be off, along with what projects’ deadlines are upcoming. We ask everyone to be fair and try to work with each other in order to guarantee that we have enough people available to properly service brands, while still allowing everyone who would like time off the opportunity to take it.”

In addition to vacation planning, Kinsey noted that the team gets into the holiday spirit as well. “Again, we try to incorporate as many traditions as possible and embrace our diversity,” she said. “We have potlucks where everyone shares their favorite seasonal recipes. We have an annual holiday party that’s tremendous fun.”

"While enjoying fun, you also want to ensure everyone is safe,"



Excel Management, Inc.s President Discusses Holiday Party Tips

As Kinsey noted, planning for the holiday party should be a team affair. “You want to add as much input from your team as possible so that everyone feels as though they’ve contributed to the event,” she said. “Think creatively with respect to your firm’s budget and associates’ budgets as well. You can have a great celebration without spending a fortune. This applies to parties and holiday gift exchanges. Establish limits that are affordable to all.”

Kinsey suggested being mindful of alcohol at parties. “While enjoying fun, you also want to ensure everyone is safe,” she advised. “Therefore, make sure that no one imbibes too much. Have cabs or a car service if needed to get people home safely. Keep an eye out for those who might have tipped back a few. No one wants to have regrets the next day.”

“From the Excel Management, Inc. team to yours, we wish you a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year,” Kinsey concluded.

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Excel Management has built a reputation as Kansas’s leading innovative marketing firm. Driven by a team of highly-skilled promotional experts, the company drives business growth and rapid market expansion through dynamic on-site promotions. Their campaigns forge lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between companies and their customers by using an experiential approach strengthened by in-depth market research. As a result, Excel Management’s team members specialize in making an immediate impact that engages consumers and creates lasting brand loyalty, all while providing consistently high returns on clients’ investments. To learn more about how Excel Management helps businesses grow in new markets, visit www.excelmanagement.com.

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