Excel, Inc. Builds Skills, Networks at Q1 Event

High achievers from Excel Management, Inc. recently returned from a weekend retreat with other industry leaders. The firm's President discussed several benefits associates gain from travel opportunities like this one.

“I believe that success in the business world is a team sport,” stated Kinsey P., Excel Management, Inc.’s President. “Creating a cohesive unit of professionals who can collaborate while still maintaining their individuality is a lofty goal, but I believe it is both attainable and essential.”

Rather than keeping her fingers crossed and hoping such a level of collaboration will just occur naturally, Kinsey takes specific steps to encourage a culture of cooperation. Foremost among these are social events, which help the firm’s busy professionals break out of their shells and get to know one another on a personal level.

"As a final consideration, many conferences can be used for continuing education credits, and if you're invited to make some sort of presentation, that looks great on a résumé,"

Kinsey , President

While these often take the forms of bowling nights and potluck dinners, there are special weekend functions that Excel Management, Inc. associates can qualify for as well. Kinsey and her top producers recently returned from such an event, where they enjoyed networking opportunities with industry leaders and shared best practices with fellow marketers.

“I love taking my team to weekends like this – it brings our game up to a whole new level,” Kinsey stated. “We receive training from the best in the business, refine our skills, and expand our network. Then we bring it back home and share our newfound knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of our team, not to mention the brands we represent.”

Excel Management, Inc.’s President Shares Several Benefits Associated with Professional Conferences

“Many owners and managers question the value of weekend conferences, and with good reason. They’re not cheap, and a weekend out of town is a weekend not spent building your business,” Kinsey explained. “However, I feel that with a little preparation, conferences more than pay for themselves.”

As Excel Management, Inc.’s President explained, the networking, skill building, and training opportunities available at conferences can’t be found in the normal course of events. It’s almost a requirement to break away from routine and gain a fresh perspective in order to really absorb and appreciate the information available at a well-planned retreat, she declared.

Beyond that, though, there is something magical about traveling together that can cement office relationships, creating lifelong friendships. Conferences also provide opportunities to watch public speakers in action and learn from their examples – both good and bad. Plus, there are often vendor exhibits or opportunities to sample new products, which keeps professionals on the cutting edge of their industry.

“As a final consideration, many conferences can be used for continuing education credits, and if you’re invited to make some sort of presentation, that looks great on a résumé,” Kinsey concluded. “Weekends like the one we just enjoyed are investments, and should not be treated like vacations. Handled correctly, the benefits far outweigh the costs.”

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